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Your Personal Timemap 2017-2018 (PDF Download)

Your Personal Timemap 2017-2018 (PDF Download)


Received Through Revelation by the Seer Almine

“The most important tool of guidance for us to express the Infinite’s will that has ever been given to man.” - Almine

Your Personal Timemap for the Cosmic Year (January 28, 2017 - February 15, 2018)

Almine has explained: "They are easier to read, with more specific guidance than before. Life has evolved into a more complex expression and we will be living four layers of reality, or dimensions, at once. The Cosmic Timemap of 2017 indicates a very volatile upcoming year. Having your own personal Timemap as a detailed guide becomes more important than ever for a graceful journey through the year."

Align Yourself with Infinite Intent

Order your personal Timemap and learn how to align your destiny with the Cosmic Timemap of Infinite Intent!

A deeply mystical and powerful tool to help you flourish by expressing according to the will of the Divine. The Personal Timemap has been called by Almine, "The most important tool of guidance for us to express the Infinite’s will that has ever been given to man".

Never before has a more complete and profound self-guidance system been available to the world than the ability to have a personal Timemap. This enables us to maximize the potential and opportunities each day brings. You will have the tools to empower and decipher the flow of your unfolding destiny. A personal mantra for the coming cosmic year will be provided based on Almine's interpretation of the potential your Timemap indicates will be available to you during the coming cosmic year.

Your Personal Timemap includes:

★ Your unique Personal Timemap received by Almine through revelation.

★ The Cosmic Timemap (and Template) in order for you to interpret the unique emphases of each day.

★ The Timemap Key to correlate dates and their qualities on the Timemap, plus angels and mantras associated with each numbered day of the Timemap.

★ The 8th Field of Perception Power Wheel (also used for the Resurrection Merkaba) to empower each day of the cosmic year.

★ The Timemap Catalyst Wheel

★ Clear instructions on how to understand what each day offers you in the form of opportunities.

Upon ordering you'll receive the Catalyst Wheel, the 8th Field of Perception Power Wheel, the Cosmic Timemap, the Cosmic Timemap Template, the Timemap Key, and the instruction manual.

Please allow up to 3 weeks delivery.

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