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Windows Into Eternity (PDF Download)

Windows Into Eternity (PDF Download)


Revelations of the Mother Goddess

PDF Download
Fourth Edition - 2013

Unveiling the Secrets of the Order of the White Dove; Windows into Eternity is probably the most deeply metaphysical book ever written by Almine. Are you up for the challenge?

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This book provides unparalleled insight into ancient mysteries. Almine, an internationally recognized mystic and teacher, reveals the hidden laws of existence. Transcending reason, delivering visionary expansion, this metaphysical masterpiece explores the origins of life as recorded in the Holy Libraries. The release of information from these ancient libraries is a priceless gift to humankind. The illusions found in the building blocks of existence are exposed, as are the purposes of Creation.


At 3:00 a.m., on June 20, 2007, I was awakened with the words “The Book of the One Life,” spoken in Mother’s voice. During April and May I had seen a book that would, in some way, supersede the Book of Life. On a few occasions it had appeared in a vision, and though very little information was given, I knew that what I was seeing was unspeakably holy and much more was yet to come. I always heard the words:

What will Windows into Eternity do for me?

"Windows" gives the reader a look into some of the oldest secrets on Earth. The sacred information of many etheric libraries is revealed and with it comes understanding about life and individuality. Absorbing information about the Book of Life and the Book of the One Life has the power to change your perception of reality forever.

How should I see Windows into Eternity in the context of all of Almine's work?

This book is sometimes referred to as Almine's most metaphysical work because it was largely written in the ethereal. It picks up where Opening the Doors of Heaven left off. Both these books are filled with magical spells kept hidden for eons of time. Now is the time for their unveiling.

A Fourth Edition?

In 2013 Almine releases the fourth edition of Windows into Eternity. This completely revised version has been updated by Almine due to the massive cosmic changes during the last few years. Changes that are most reflected within Windows. Languages, sigils and gods have been replaced and updated. Also all references to the Father have been changed. The Father as mentioned in the previous editions was a being that was encountered in the deeper stages of the Dream. As life is slowly awakening out of these stages and is more and more returning to Oneness, it is realized that this was just an aspect of the Dream itself. 

Windows into Eternity is also available as an paperback.

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Published: 2013
310 pages
ISBN: 978-1-936926-69-5
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