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Ultimate Meditation I (MP3 Download)

Ultimate Meditation I (MP3 Download)


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Restoring Contentment, Peace, and Miracles to Your Daily Life

MP3 download

20 guided meditations in mp3 format by Almine, based on the meditational concepts of the Global Earth Chants Ceremony 2012.

Listen to this free 30 minutes (!) audio that is also the meditation of the first day of the course, to get an idea of the depth and scope of this collection.


In response to frequent requests from students, Almine has created a course consisting exclusively of in-depth meditations. Join her five days a week for a daily meditation aimed at restoring contentment, peace, and miracles to your daily life. Experience the power as you and the global family of light join together as one; to change first yourselves, and then the world.

Table of Contents

Day 1: Sinking into the Fields of Your Being (a.k.a. Your Eternal Existence) - 30:06 minutes
Day 2: Manifesting Your Dreams (a.k.a. Surrendered Life) - 30:06 minutes
Day 3: Omni-Perspective Experience of Life (a.k.a. Joy of Existing) - 30:08 minutes
Day 4: Standing on the Mountain Top (a.k.a. Wonders of the Magical Universe) - 30:08 minutes
Day 5: Becoming the Wind (a.k.a. Meditation for the Nations) - 30:06 minutes
Day 6: Fluidity as the Hallmark of Mastery (a.k.a. Orechestra of the Eternal Self) - 30:06 minutes
Day 7: The Feather and the Earth (a.k.a Face of Eternity) - 30:04 minutes
Day 8: Seeing Your Life in the Grotto (a.k.a. Cave of Memories) - 30:06 minutes
Day 9: The River of Past Dreams (a.k.a. Canoe on the River of Life) - 30:06 minutes
Day 10: A Safe Home for the Child (a.k.a. Mother and the Child) - 30:06 minutes
Day 11: Holding the Earth (a.k.a. Fairest of All Planets) - 30:06 minutes
Day 12: Letting Go of the Dust of the Ages (a.k.a. Peering into Ages of Existence) - 30:06 minutes
Day 13: Whispering to the Deer in the Valley (a.k.a. All Things Effortlessly Change When We Do) - 30:06 minutes
Day 14: Rose of Infinity (a.k.a. Finding the Deep comfort of your Source) - 30:06 minutes
Day 15: Hidden Library of Contented Peace (a.k.a. Earth - Mystical Journey into the Self) - 30:06 minutes
Day 16: Depth of Eternal Beingness - Beyond Pain and Grief (a.k.a. Screen of Experience) - 
30:06 minutes 
Day 17: Removing Birth Trauma (a.k.a. Rebirth) - 30:08 minutes
Day 18: Connecting with Ancient Mystical Languages (a.k.a. Awakening the Memories of Before Time Began) - 30:06 minutes
Day 19: Being the Secret Playmate of Your Own Inner Child (a.k.a. Sphere of Pink Purple Light)  - 30:16 minutes
Day 20: Creating Your Sacred Space - 
30:06 minutes

About Almine's Online Courses

"The old courses help you to get rid of the thunderous voices of programming and show you the way out of the matrix." In this short audio Almine explains the value of her older online courses, how truth changes from moment to moment and getting assistance from the Infinite inside of the matrix. Very insightful!

Almine's online courses take shape as a result of her daily experiences. As she travels the mystical realms of within, the worlds without, accesses the sacred libraries of earth and converses with all kinds of different beings, deep secrets about creation and spiritual evolution are unveiled to her. The results are her courses and books. Every single one of them is jam-packed with mystical information, insights to change your life and invitations to step into a life of mastery by integrating the secrets revealed.

"I have been through several colleges and never did I imagine that any information could be so informative and used in such a practical way as the online courses that Almine has created. I have studied most all of them and they are part of my daily life."

~ Michael P, California

Ask Our Team
Are you unsure if this online course is what you are looking for or do you have questions about its contents? Ask our team! We have done the course and can help you out with your questions. Ask Niels: niels@almine.net