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The Thought that Fractured the Infinite (PDF Download)

The Thought that Fractured the Infinite (PDF Download)


The Genesis of Individuated Life

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NOTE: This book is being revised and is temporarily unavailable.

Travel with Almine to the dawn of creation and see how the original fall happened. Highly recommended if you are into deep metaphysics.


This profound work offers insights where few authors dare to tread: where the genesis of life as we know it began. Offering what could possibly be the deepest insights ever revealed about our relationship to light, it details our ascent into spiritual awakening. It gives the thought-provoking wisdom of the cosmic root races and a practical guide to using the alchemical potencies of light. Almine's global following of serious students of the mysteries will love this one!

What will The Thought that Fractured the Infinite do for me?

This book will take you by the hand, to the beginning of creation, giving you an understanding of how the fall happened. Its insights about life and the cosmos are profound-- causing repercussions that effect your every day life. Once fully integrated and lived, the insights of the root races alone make this book a gem because of their multileveled meanings and potential to turn your life upside down.

How should I see The Thought that Fractured the Infinite in the context of all of Almine's work?

Almine is called a mystic for a good reason and this book is perhaps the epitome of that claim. It gives a perspective on all of the cosmos and everything we encounter in our daily life. As such, "Thought" is the perfect book to give a conceptual framework for all of Almine's teachings, from things like the journey of ascension to interacting with cosmic races.

The Thought that Fractured the Infinite is also available in paperback and an audiobook.

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Published: 2009
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