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The Tablets of Fire video course (The 8 Global Meridians and their Portals)

The Tablets of Fire video course (The 8 Global Meridians and their Portals)



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Dear Friends!

A truly magical and unique event happened in Moscow in October –

A three-day seminar by the Seer Almine: The Tablets of Fire (The 8 Global Meridians and their Portals)

The Teachings of the Seer Almine presented by Rogier Chardet featuring Almine on Livestream

It will include all new and profound tools and information received by Almine for this event (videos, audios, and pdf materials).

The access will be provided on https://www.spiritualmastery.com within 24 hours upon purchase.

Have you wondered why there have been hardly any Tablets and Scrolls being translated and made available for the last four years? And why would the Tablets of Fire now be a significant source of revelation?

After all, the Seer Almine has said that the Original Ones are the first to enter and create the White Light reality of High Magic. Who then could have written such profound truths for us? The answer is that these records are very unique in that they were written in the future by you for you. No other kingdom is able to know the high truths presented in their texts.

The next question is why were they created? And what significance does the timing of their release to you have?

The Seer has explained that several sets of records have presented themselves for translation, but none have been of a high enough frequency to be worth translating.

Sergey & Rogier introduce an interview with The Seer Almine about the Tablets of Fire event in Moscow, October 2017. While we do not yet know what’s in the Tablets, we do know they were sent from the future, by ourselves, to midwife our birth into the reality of the White Light, thereby exiting the cycles of life powered by traumatic change. Please

Note: Within Almine’s current staggering workload of creating the Alchemical Healing Oils, only a very brief window appeared for me to be able to phone interview her about the Tablets of Fire. As there was no option to finetune a proper recording setting, the audio quality is less than what we would like it to be.

These Tablets however, were extremely holy and advanced. We’ve never had Tablets written in flaming glyphs before. It has been a profound experience. ~Almine

The timing is relevant for the following reason: we’re at a crossroads in our evolution. What we choose will either create a graceful transition or a great loss of life as a purification among humanity. The Tablets indicate what we would’ve missed so that we can instead choose a graceful journey.

Exclusively on https://www.spiritualmastery.com

For all support requests, please contact support@almine.ru


My dear Lightfamily!

I cannot express in words how enchanting the seminar was! Everything became clear and understandable, just like a puzzle put together. When Almine interpreted for us the Tablets of Fire, there wasn't a feeling that we were learning something new – no, it felt like we already knew it all, as if ancient memories were activated, and the three days flew by like one moment, but the changes that happened due to this event were just colossal!  

The instruments we were given during the seminar are just amazing – I immediately started working with them, and I can say that I am stunned, the effect is just magical, there was an instant connection, absolutely pure and understandable insights!

I want to express special thanks to Rogier – he is a wonderful, very sincere, sensitive and responsive teacher! He answered every question that came up with unbelievable delicacy and thoroughness. And when Rogier was passing this knowledge on to us, I could feel with my whole being that the true source of it is Almine and the Infinite – not a drop of distortion, not a drop of interference from ego – Rogier was and is such a pure, I would even say, innocent teacher. 

I started to get answers to my questions even before the questions came up :). I felt peace and an incredible inspiration; insights and inner guidance became crystal clear (this is probably what I needed most of all). The practices we did during the seminar gave immediate results. And the 8th set of Runes is absolutely miraculous!

But do you know what the main thing was? When the third day of the seminar came to a close and we started to say goodbye, for a few moments, for the first time in my life, I started to feel like I was AT HOME! You can't even imagine how rapturous this was (or maybe you can :). For me, this was very, very important. I'm not talking about the home we call an apartment, our favorite city, or country, or even family – no. I'm talking about the incredible inner sense of a true HOME, where there is absolute peace, unconditional trust, safety, comfort, and the sense of kinship with all. I have never EVER in my life felt anything like this! And when I looked at the other participants of the seminar, some had tears in their eyes – we literally realized who we really are, and suddenly all questions and offenses disappeared.

Thank you to Sergey for his wonderful translation and willingness to answer all our questions (both on and off-topic).

And my immeasurable gratitude to Almine, who created the opportunity for this event to happen, who was with us the whole time, who inspired me to keep going on this journey and not give up.

My dear Lightfamily, you make this world magnificent with just your presence in it!

Thank you that you are!

Nadezhda, Russia