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The Ring of Truth (PDF Download)

The Ring of Truth (PDF Download)


Sacred Secrets of the Goddess

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Learn to yield the Magic of the Mother...

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In this fourth book chronicling Almine's journey, she tells of the promise and potential inherent in the resurgence of the feminine principle, increasingly felt in all aspects of current human experience.

The operation of new laws governing the cosmos are explained together with the reasons for their creation.

We are introduced to "Mother", the primal creative energy that pervades every aspect of existence. We learn of her love and her laws and how to incorporate them into our every thought and act. We are given samples of her divine language, its meaning and its power.

Mother's great gift to humanity, the healing power of Belvaspata, is revealed. This new approach to dissolving disease of mind, spirit and body replaces previously existing methodologies. Application of its techniques removes old barriers of a physically-oriented existence and opens a broad pathway to a life of joy and fulfillment.

What will The Ring of Truth do for me?

With "Truth" you will discover the magic of the Language of the Mother - an immensely powerful tool for manifestation. But the most important thing is you will be introduced to "Mother". With this introduction you will penetrate the highest levels of existence and understand how service to all of life becomes natural.

How should I see The Ring of Truth in the context of all of Almine's work?

Ring of Truth is Almine's 4th book, republished in 2011. It gives a beautiful perspective of the evolving face of Almine's teachings. As she learns new insights, delving deeper into cosmic secrets-- the reader discovers them too. The integration of these new discoveries in combination with previous insights, matures the spiritual growth of your own journey. Overall this book is a treasure chest for those who wish to follow Almine into the highest realms of creation and encounter the most powerful beings in existence.

We hope you enjoy!

The Ring of Truth is also available in paperback.

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Published: 2011
260 pages
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