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The Meditation Collection Volume 1 (MP3 Download)

The Meditation Collection Volume 1 (MP3 Download)


Currently unavailable -- contact team@almine.net for future availability

The Meditation Collection - Volume 1

Duration: 74 min
MP3 Download

Listen to this short sample to get an idea of the whole recording:


  1. Observing the Stage Plays of your Lifetimes
  2. A Healing for the Star System Orion
  3. Clarity Through an Expanded State
  4. Manifesting the Divine Within
  5. Healing Birth Trauma


This is a collection of meditations 'from the vaults'. These old meditations by Almine from the period before 2005 were salvaged and made available again on popular demand.

These recording were done with handheld devices during her spiritual retreats back in the day. We have cleaned them up as best we can, but still the audio quality is not what you are used to from Spiritual Journeys. However, because you have asked for these and the content of the meditations is beautiful, we are making them available in a 5 part series. Enjoy!

Extra Information

Almine's Meditation Collection volumes 1 and 2 have had the names of the tracks listed updated in October 2014. Now the tracks listed above are more indicative of the meditations given.

Please note: Some of the original Meditation Collections have been discontinued. The remaining collections have been renumbered so that they may appear in chronological order. This collection was originally Volume 1.