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The Lemurian Science of Immortality (PDF Download)

The Lemurian Science of Immortality (PDF Download)


Plus: The Saradesi Records of the Fountain of Youth

Note: Revised 1st edition ebook edition PDF download*. Updated August 2014 with a new cover image.

Lemurian Science of Immortality shatters paradigms that perpetuate death...

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Acknowledged as the leading mystic of our time, Almine once again delivers groundbreaking revelations on the art of youthening.

Upon discovering ancients who did not age, explorers of the Americas set out in search for the Fountain of Youth. Not realizing it was a set of tablets rather than an actual fountain, the records of the Fountain of Youth are revealed in this book.

As a master translator of records of antiquities, Almine has authored an unforgettable book that shatters existing paradigms perpetuating death.

Live now from that part of you which
has neither a beginning nor an end.
Only beyond opposites shall
you find authenticity.

~ Almine

What will The Lemurian Science of Immortality do for me?

This book goes in-depth into the spiritual aspects of achieving immortality. The reader will, apart from soaking up its deep wisdom, get a sense of the many facets that create an immortal existence and how the ancient Lemurian societies practiced these teachings. Also, this book gives access to many techniques, visualizations, realizations and meditations to not only think about immortality, but to start adding practices into your daily life.


As a bonus section to this book, Almine included "The Illuminations of Eternal Life" (a.k.a. The Illuminations of the Gods). These 144 concepts are the most popular part of Almine's online course Science of Immortality and are now for the first time available outside of this course. Also, Almine has redrawn their accompanying wheels for this bonus section. Integrating this material alone will keep you busy for a long time!

Tip: The Lemurian Science of Immortality is also available as a physical book.

Please note: The Lemurian Science of Immortality is a combination of written materials, hailing from Almine's online courses The Lemurian Tablets of Life and Death, Saradesi: Fountain of Youth and Science of Immortality. If you have followed any of these online courses, some information will be familiar. However, all this information bound together makes this book a perfect reference library and the go to place for everything about the Lemurian view on immortality.

*This book had a very limited release in 2011. This version is the 1st edition, with added bonus material.

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Published: 2013
385 pages
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