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The Greatest Mysteries Ever Told (Becoming a Master of the Unfathomable)

The Greatest Mysteries Ever Told (Becoming a Master of the Unfathomable)


Becoming a Master of the Unfathomable

The closing transmission of the Russian private retreat held in Newport, Oregon, December 2017 -- both the original, unabridged, bilingual audio recording (1h 24) and the edited, English-language-only version (43 minutes).

Included with this life-changing audio instruction on becoming a Master of the Unfathomable, is the powerful artwork A Glimpse Into the Unfathomable. This artwork is, in fact, a powerful sigil to enable the higher faculties of the master to embrace that which mind cannot comprehend. Its functioning is augmented by the use of the alchemical oil of the Song of the High Heart. An 18 ml bottle of Song of the High Heart is included in this purchase! Learn more about the fragrant oil→

Be Aware (A Note From the Seer)

Those who attended the week-long lecture summarized in this closing transmission, have undergone the symptoms experienced from changing realities during massive evolutionary shifts, as they entered the White Light reality. These may include:

  • Acute or persistent nausea
  • Headaches
  • Spatial and temporal disorientation
  • Vomiting
  • Feeling faint and lightheaded
  • Feeling as though the lungs are constricted*
  • Weakness - needing bedrest.

The Oil of the High Heart and the artistic sigil will help with these symptoms. Please drink a lot of water.


Described by the Seer, as she moved into godhood, as being pulled through a straw.