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The Great Holy One

The Great Holy One


Activation of the 7 Chakras & 7 Fields Of Existence

Practical Webinar "The Great Holy One"

Activation of the 7 Chakras and Fields Of Existence

Achieving Oneness with All of Existence

1 webinar (4 hours)

Facilitator: Ella Yelinek (Spiritual Journeys LLC USA, Mudrost Almine)

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Live translation is provided by Sergey Achkasov (Spiritual Journeys LLC USA, Mudrost Almine)

“The Great Holy One shall once again come to dwell with humankind. He will bring hope to all lonely hearts, and they will hear the voice of the Infinite like a wind penetrating their whole being. The Earth shall awake, and everywhere new life will be birthed. In these days, children will be sages – their hearts will be pure, and they will hear the voice of the Infinite. The sick will become well, and youth will return to the elderly. Miracles will happen that bring life to the Earth and joy to the hearts of humankind. A star will impart a message to them, and a wind will carry this glad tiding throughout the whole Earth. And when men stagger as if drunk and women become perplexed, then the Holy Ones will bring them hope. The seeds of Godhood will grow in their hearts, and Masters shall arise.”

The Seer Almine