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The Bridge of No Time Transmissions: Grandmaster of the Runes (Mp3 Download)

The Bridge of No Time Transmissions: Grandmaster of the Runes (Mp3 Download)


These 20 transmissions for The Bridge of No Time originally appeared on I AM Presence in October - November, 2014. Book available separately →

Total time: 2 hours 9 minutes; file format: Mp3

  1. Introduction to the Runes

    In 2012, I was asked by one of our international lecturers to prepare runes for his upcoming visit to Russia. After 10 hours of revelations, the first four sets of Runes were received. For the following year and a half they were only available in Russia. A great deal of information had been translated during 2012 for the Russian students. The reason for this was that Russia was most at risk for the cataclysms predicted for 2012. The strategy was that through giving advanced, life-altering truths (including those found in the runes), time would be stretched. This would give us more time to create a graceful change through increased perception. On the 13th of February while our lecturers were in Moscow, an asteroid narrowly missed the Earth and a meteor (previously predicted to fall on Moscow) fell instead in a non-­‐populated area of the Ural Mountains of Russia. 2012 was over.

  2. Judgments of the Mind, Heart and Spirit

    Value judgments of the Mind, Heart and Spirit keep us from our mastery by locking us into the powerless state of duality. The master must learn to value both poles equally in order to use opposites as a tool, emphasizing one or the other in his or her expression as suits the strategy of the master’s life. This prevents the master from becoming trapped by duality. It is suggested that a day of contemplation and internalization be given to each of the pairs of opposites. Over the ten days of devoting time to this, carry the sigil of power related to the specific pair you are studying with you that day. The sigils impart subtle, non-­‐cognitive information to the master to assist bringing resolution to their illusion of separation.

  3. Sadness versus Joy (Judgments of the Heart)

    To deny sadness is to deny compassion. Sadness carves the hollows in the soul that enable us to feel more empathy and compassionate understanding. It signals the desire to change, providing the impetus to drive us beyond existing paradigms. Joy follows as a stabilizing influence.

  4. Time versus Timelessness (Judgments of the Spirit)

    Timelessness is seen as something valuable to aspire to when time is regarded as a tyrant. As with all opposites, one cannot be more valuable than the other. Time is fluid and subjective and can seem to pass quickly or slowly. Even for one who has not mastered time as a tool, time can frequently stand still.

  5. About Good and Evil (Discourse 1)

    Good and Evil To the masses the Seer spoke. As the words were heard, their bondage broke. The chains of the ages fell away. The path of freedom before them lay. In reverent silence the people stood, to learn what was evil and what was good. "Good and evil are two sides of one face, by the judgments of man, kept in place. The more explanations arise of what is good, the more the nature of evil is misunderstood."

  6. Simplicity and Complexity (Discourse 2)

    "Master, does holiness in simplicity lie? Releasing worldly attachments and of material goods deprived? Is it not then that oneness with the Infinite we can find?" ~ "How can withdrawing from everyday life bring oneness when it is an act of exclusivity? Holiness lies in the heart of simplicity, but so too in complexity. The presence of the Infinite is everywhere to be found. Even in the crowded street does it abound."

  7. Freedom from Karma (Discourse 3)

    "Master, how can liberation ever come when karma rules the lives of everyone?" ~ "No force exists that ever can bind the lives of any one of humankind. It is but the belief that makes it so. Karma goes when the innocence of life you come to know.

  8. The Power of Attitudes (Discourse 4)

    "Master, what tools of enlightenment must we cherish above all else?" ~ "Your attitudes can make of hell a heaven, or of heaven a hell. They are the sails that help you set your course. They oppose or cooperate with unfolding life’s force. Through your attitudes is your power lost or reclaimed. They make a stairway of enlightenment from stumbling blocks of pain."

  9. Emptiness and Fullness (Discourse 5)

    Then asked a monk who for emptiness strives: "Tell us Master, of emptiness of the mind." ~ "Do not seek to find emptiness within the silence of the mind. Within the emptiness of mind, the fullness of effortless knowing resides. The birthplace of genius beyond thinking lies.

  10. What is Truth (Discourse 6)

    "That which is holy to one, to another is not so. When both deliver their highest thought, how are we to know?" ~ "It is not truth, but wisdom they impart when it comes from learning rather than from the heart. To understand the meaning of truth is the place to start."

  11. Beyond Polarity (Discourse 7)

    "Master what purpose does polarity fulfill? Though we seek for oneness, why does it linger still?" ~ "When we examine aspects of life as separate we form duality. As our awareness shifts from one pole to another we create polarity. Polarity as movement is not as it seems, it is the energy source that fuels separation’s dream.

  12. The Key to Unlocking the High Heart

    The High Heart is in the sternum. The outer states and inner states of Nature need to be explored as we do that. The High Heart is the additional turquoise chakra the body uses during the reality of Oneness. 8 chakras used in Oneness, plus the 7 chakras used in polarity form the 15-pointed star used by Rune Masters. They view themselves as the gateway between inner and outer space. The High Heart is that gateway. Fifteen-pointed star represents the inner and the outer realities’ chakras. The resurrected life beyond the opposites of the One and the Many can only be reached from a state of Oneness because the turquoise or 8th chakra is the gateway out of duality. It opens by opening the gate between Nature as an outer experience and Nature as an inner state of being. It is recommended that the Master study the profound truths revealed by the inner & the outer states of Nature.

  13. 27 Inner States of Nature

    Nature is a state of being, rather than a location. In silent communion with ourselves, do we discover that the answer to the starry skies is the Infinite within us, and that our breath carries our intent as surely as the tradewinds blow the sweet fragrance of spice across the lands.

  14. The First Perception of White Magic: The Mirrors of Life

    "Master," a young monk spoke with head bowed low. "How can the body know the superior wisdom of spirit and soul? How can the higher self the body’s torment control?" ~ "What is the body, spirit and soul?"

    The young monk looked perplexed. He did not know. In the crowd too, no one could tell. Over the crowd a silence fell.

    ~ "The cycles of change through which life moves are the same as what you are subject to. Life has rotated through three mirrored stages of progression: life, death and ascension."

  15. Immortality (The Second Perception of White Magic)

    "Master, some need to be reborn or so they claim. Some immortals do not have to die. To which must we aspire, please say."

    ~ "A game of mirrors do they play. Life, death and ascension are mirrors that you made. The game these masters play is to delay a specific mirror’s claim."

  16. Prolonging Life and Overcoming Death (The Third Perception of White Magic)

    "What is death and how does it occur?"

    ~ "Death is a purification rite that becomes necessary when we live an unexamined life. To reap the fruit of insights from the tree of our experiences is to die a little each day. This keeps death away."

    "What is the cause of death’s force? Where can we find its source?"

    ~ "In minds and hearts does death’s origin start. Propelled into motion by our resistance to life and carried upon the hands of linear time."

  17. The Evolutionary Stages of Man (The Fourth Perception of White Magic)

    "The evolutionary stages of man, explain to us the depths of the plan. What is it that they help us to gain? What is evolution’s final aim?"

    ~ "First you must know the nature of change before you can study an evolutionary stage. Evolution is a journey around a wheel that spins. Over and over we live it until the power of its illusion dims. Then we move to another hoop, exploring again the illusions of this loop."

    "Then what of progress Master? The end for which we strive?"

    ~ "There is no linear progression, no point at which you arrive."

  18. What is Resurrection? (The Fifth Perception of White Magic)

    "What is the way in which we transcend humanity’s cycles on this journey that never ends?"

    ~ "A whole new reality beckons beyond, waiting for man to one day respond. The god kingdom’s gateway can be breached, with transcendence it can be reached. Moving off the treadmill of time, walking among men, yet in touch with the divine."

    "Can I this release through ascension find?"

    ~ "Leave life, death and ascension behind. Resurrection transcends leaving these stages behind. They are the stages of humanity not that which in the god kingdom you’ll find."

  19. The Feminine and Masculine (The Sixth Perception of White Magic)

    Thus came the question from a husband and wife standing apart: "Tell us now of the affairs of the heart. Where did all the conflict start?"

    ~ "If the root of conflict is what you seek, it is of the inner battles we must speak. In many cultures the feminine is seen as weak, but it is from the masculine that resources leak. When social conditioning over-passivity in the feminine promotes, it stimulates the masculine into taking control. We empower what we focus on and so masculine resources drain. The feminine as the object of his focus, the energy from him gains."

  20. The Power of Perspective (The Seventh Perception of White Magic)

    "Master, how must life be seen as a burden to endure? Or should imperfection be ignored through focusing on what is pure?"

    ~ "Life is what your perspective decrees. Either you are in bondage or you are free."

    "But what then is the purpose of life?"

    ~ "Is there a purpose for the butterfly that through the garden flies? It is the flower’s artistry that him inspires."