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Seer's Wisdom (PDF Download)

Seer's Wisdom (PDF Download)


Guidance for Spiritual Mastery

PDF Download

Hundreds upon hundreds of aphorisms to help you flourish in all areas of your life. Perhaps the wisest book on the planet today...

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Immerse yourself in the true nature of your being: Abundant living. This book shows you how to access your natural abundance and remove all blockages of flow. It is packed with over 400 pages of classic Almine aphorisms. Seer's Wisdom reminds you of the benign source of your own being and focus your attention on attaining abundance: Abundance in yourself, abundance in your environment, abundance in your relationships and much more.

"To live within the Infinite’s Being is to live in the fullness of an inexhaustible supply. Acknowledging the never-ending Source of abundance increases its accessibility."

Almine in Seer's Wisdom

What will Seer's Wisdom do for me?

Almine's wisdoms are not to be taken lightly. They always have multiple layers of meaning and insight, even building on each other. Thus Seer's Wisdom is an absolute treasure-trove of deep wisdom that can absolutely change your life. At the same time it is an awesome 'coffee table book' and general introduction into Almine's teachings. Wether you take it upon yourself to delve deep into the hidden meanings or just want a beautiful book to casually flip through from time to time, we think you will enjoy this one. We certainly do!

How should I see Seer's Wisdom in the context of all of Almine's work?

Together with Secrets of Dragon Magic, Handbook for Healers and Lemurian Science of Immortality this is one of Almine's most recent books (2013). However, it is totally different than the aforementioned works in that this is a book meant for contemplation, where the others are more oriented towards ceremony and implementing life changes. The 1200+ aphorisms that this book contains have not only been taken from a myriad of places like Almine's Facebook, Twitter, books and online courses but also hail from different time periods, thus crosscutting Almine's teachings in the broadest sense possible. You might recognize some of these gems of wisdom, but all of them packed into one book is a whole new experience altogether!


The information she delivers to humanity is of the highest clarity. She is fully deserving of her reputation as the leading mystic of our age.

Zbigniew Ostas, PhD 
Quantum Medicine, Somatidian Orthobiology, Canada and Poland

Please note: Seer's Wisdom has the same table of contents as Almine's discontinued aphorisms book The Abundant Life. It can be seen as the mother of this new book, with its layout being the same and its aphorisms that have been included. However, Seer's Wisdom is far bigger than its progenitor and fully stands on its own in comparison with Almine's other books.

The hollows carved in your soul by the winters of your life are the fertile hollows where seeds of joy can grow. The master never envies the one who lives a seasonless life where seeds have to grow in shallow ground.

Almine in Seer's Wisdom

Tip: Seer's Wisdom is also available as a paperback.

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Published: 2013
430 pages
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