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The Seer's Journey (PDF Download)

The Seer's Journey (PDF Download)


The Path to Enlightenment

PDF download

2nd edition

A priceless opportunity to journey side by side with Almine as walks through the different stages of human development. A beacon of hope, humility and clarity for all those who are on their own journey.

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"All that lived in cosmic life dwelled within my being. All answers within the realms of form had already been seen. Like the winding trails I’d traveled on Earth, I now mastered time and space. Journeying into hidden realms where few seers dare to go, among demons and angels, dragons and gods, wanting to learn what they know..."

This moving, lyrical work reminiscent of Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet provides an intimate and revealing glimpse into this renowned mystic's search for the truth behind the creation of man. Almine shares her exploration of the purpose of life through the translations of the Scrolls of Infinity. This esoteric masterpiece provides profound spiritual guidance.

What will Seer's Journey do for me?

This book is a great place to start on your journey with Almine. She takes you along her own path-- beyond the well worn paths of spirituality. Truly a great opportunity to share in this experience with someone who has actually been there. Also included, the Scrolls of Infinity and the Seer's Wisdom-- additional pieces that are just jam-packed to the rim with insights to shake your every day life around.

How should I see Seer's Journey in the context of all of Almine's work?

Seer's Journey is one of the more recent books by Almine and has been translated into many, many different languages. This easy read is a perfect introduction to the spirituality of Almine and gives a lot of perspectives on how a spiritual master views the world.

Highly recommended and one of the absolute favorites among Almine's students.

Please note
This is the second edition of The Seer's Journey. The text of the book has remained the same compared to the first edition. However, all of the images have been redone by Almine to better represent the place we are in as a cosmos right now, after waking up out of the deeper stages of the Dream.

Tip:The Seer's Journey is also available in paperback. Due to popular demand, this book has been translated into many different languages. See the international section of the store here.

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Published: 2013
PDF Download
ISBN: 978-1-936926-75-6
Page Count: 105