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Secrets of the Hidden Realms (PDF Download)

Secrets of the Hidden Realms (PDF Download)


Mystical Keys to the Unseen Worlds

PDF download

A breathtaking guide to the inhabitants of other realms. Absolutely jam-packed with encounters of the mystical kind. Recommended reading if you like to expand your view on reality.

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Almine continues the exploration begun in her previous books, A Life of Miracles and Journey to the Heart of God, probing further into the nature and meaning of existence. Secrets of the Hidden Realms introduces the reader to the Goddess mysteries as they apply not only to individual human lives, but to the cycles of the cosmos. From this background in the intangible functions of being, Almine is led into the dimensions of non-humans, interacting with creatures previously known only in myth and folklore. The inter-relationships of fairies, dragons, gnomes, unicorns and other elementals and their influence on humankind is explained. Vivid accounts of encounters with these beings and others existing as expressions of widely divergent vibrations illustrate the essential unity of all Creation. Journeying from these subtle realms, the reader is shown the ultimate expression of humanity, evolution into a God-being.

In detail, the book covers:

  • Practical application of the Goddess mysteries
  • Secrets of the angelic realms
  • The maps, alphabets, numerical systems of Lemuria, Atlantis, and the Inner Earth
  • The Atlantean calendar
  • The alphabet of the Akashic libraries

What will Secrets of the Hidden Realms do for me?

"Secrets" delivers a new perspective on the absolute abundance of life forms that want to communicate with humanity. The history, insights and secrets of the hidden realms gives the reader an unequalled view on cosmic life and its evolution.

How should I see Secrets of the Hidden Realms in the context of all of Almine's work?

This is Almine's third book, republished in 2011, telling a story of the numerous magical encounters one can have once the mind has surrendered-- from its unforgiving logic and reason, "thinking that we know" to the innocence of "not knowing". Secrets of the Hidden Realms is the best book to start with if you want to understand the other realities that become accessible to you once you start your own spiritual awakening. As with all of Almine's books, it is written to give you the tools and insights to grow into spiritual mastery.

We hope you enjoy this adventure!

Secrets of the Hidden Realms is also available in paperback.

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Published: 2011
412 pages
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