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Secrets of Rejuvenation (PDF Download)

Secrets of Rejuvenation (PDF Download)


Discovering the Fountain of Youth

Almine has proven it is possible to rejuvenate. Here are the secrets.

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Rejuvenation through physical methods alone creates an inner conflict resulting in inflammatory physical conditions. Opposition arises from limiting belief systems and worldviews that obstruct open channels of the limitless resources available from Source.

From the ancient records of Saradesi come paradigm transcending philosophies, coupled with physical practices to enhance the body's natural inclination to rejuvenate. Almine has proven it is possible to rejuvenate. Here are the secrets.

What will Secrets of Rejuvenation do for me?

Secrets of Rejuvenation will show you in detail the process of rejuvenation, including how to master the insights as well as the physical and mystical practices required. The book dives into what you can do to clean and detoxify your body-- changing your view on life and rejuvenation through the mystical practices detailed in the ancient Saradesi records. An absolute eye-opener.

How should I see Secrets of Rejuvenation in the context of all of Almine's work?

This book is compiled from the written texts accompanying the Secrets of Rejuvenation online course. Together with this course and the Saradesi Satva Yoga it is the most prominent material by Almine on rejuvenation.

Bonus: Includes an appendix on the three phase purification program and an appendix on candida.

Secrets of Rejuvenation is also available in paperback.

Please note: The e-book version of this book is included in the online course Secrets of Rejuvenation.

Published: 2010
ISBN: 978-1-934070-52-9
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