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Secrets of Dragon Magic (PDF Download)

Secrets of Dragon Magic (PDF Download)


The Sacred Fires of the Hadji-ka

PDF Download

May these holy records and their groundbreaking revelations restore the precious heritage of man: A life of incorruptible white magic.

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This extraordinary record of the philosophy and practices of dragon magic is unmatched in its depth of knowledge and powerful delivery. From the Sacred Records of the Hadji-ka, kept by the dragons of Avondar, the secrets of Kundalini are revealed, designed to restore the innate, natural magical abilities of man lost by the separation of the spinal column and the pranic tube. The reader is swept along on a profound and mystical journey that pushes perception beyond mortal boundaries. Almine’s infallible ability to empower her reading audience is clearly felt throughout the pages of this book.

"The potent, magical essence of our being, that thunders through our veins and beckons us forth across imagined horizons, is ours to wield. Like the paints of vibrant colors an artist brings to life upon a canvas, we may fashion the magic of our lives into expressions of delight. Techniques can only dull the outcome with yesterday’s mediocrity. It is upon the wings of a spontaneous heart that we can fly, unencumbered by programs of beliefs and unafraid of the limitlessness of our being."


What will Secrets of Dragon Magic do for me?

This book is not for the faint of heart! It is a metaphysical masterpiece that has as its lofty goal stepping into the magical life - the true heritage of mankind. Almine shares with you how you can do this, by reducing density and the gap between cause and effect. At the heart of this lies the ability to see some of the core illusions that have formed duality and overcoming them in your own life.

As its foundation Secrets of Dragon Magic has a frequency and a light part. The frequency is being represented by the ceremonies, wheels and sigils to clear the debris of illusions in the human fields. The light is represented by the information and insights about how these illusions formed to begin with. Together the light and frequency form a powerful alchemical combination that can change the way you experience your daily life.

How should I see Secrets of Dragon Magic in the context of all of Almine's work?

This book is one of Almine's most recent works to be published (2013). The information was first released to the participants of the 2012 Summer Solstice Global Ceremony and is now available to all in this wisdom packed book. Due to its contents of deep metaphysics combined with the opportunity to do meditations and ceremonies, it can be viewed in the same tradition as The Lemurian Science of Immortality, although that book is about stepping into the eternal life and this book is about stepping into the magical life.

We'll be honest with you: Secrets of Dragon Magic is perhaps not the easiest of Almine's books, but does it ever pack a metaphysical punch! Its insights are not to be underestimated and its ceremonies not to be missed!

Bonus Downloads

Both the paperback version and the PDF ebook will have an extra download attached to them, as a courtesy of Almine. This download contains the material for the ceremonies mentioned in the book. This information is part of the book itself but offered as a free additional download package so that you can use it for easy access and printing when wanting to do these ceremonies.

Tip: Secrets of Dragon Magic is also available as a paperback.

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Published: 2013
373 pages
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