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Satchevispata: Protocol for Sacred Space

Satchevispata: Protocol for Sacred Space



Satchevispata is the method of healing, purifying and safeguarding the sanctity of your home and property. It can be done for others or yourself. The sacred ceremony can be performed in a small area of battlefields, or wherever trauma has taken place. 

The 7 Wheels of Peace are power wheels that are a part of this powerful practice.

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Important Additional Notes: 

These seven power wheels that are part of the practice ​​are Almine's gift to you. For a general idea on how to use these wheels and all other wheels by Almine, please listen to this audio from Interdimensional Communication and read the accompanying text.

Question: How do I work with Wheels?

Answer: A wheel is a visual image that conveys non-cognitive, sacred and empowering information. They are similar to gateways through which specific healing frequencies are drawn and are power sources in the same way a holy object would be.

The wheels are alive and as we work with them they provide us with deep insights into the vastness and wealth of our own being, reminding us of all that we are.

Each wheel is a stand-alone wheel and can be used by itself. When wheels are used in a sequence, they tell a story and combine to make an equation.

Mystical practices have a beginning and a closure. If you are working with a sequence of wheels, do not stop in the middle as it leaks resources and energy. For this reason it is important that you always complete each sequence.

To access the information contained within the wheels at a deeper level you may place your hands on the wheels or run your hand across them — the left hand is receptive and the right hand promotes understanding. Lying down, you may also place a wheel at your feet and upon contemplating its meaning, bring it up through your body from your feet to the Lahun Chakra 10 inches above your head. If a wheel feels ‘stuck’ anywhere, continue to feel the quality of the wheel until it moves freely. If you are working with a sequence of wheels, ensure that the highest numbered wheel is at the bottom and the lowest numbered wheel is at the top. Work with one wheel at a time and fully integrate one before moving on to the next. As you do, also contemplate how the qualities of each wheel combine and complement the other wheels within the sequence.

Possible Uses for Wheels include:

  • Meditate on a wheel.
  • Place on the walls of a healing space, office or a room in which you spend a lot of time.
  • With intention they can be placed into the body or placed directly on the body.
  • Specific wheels can be placed under a healing table when working on someone or under a chair that you frequently sit on.
  • Create your own personal mandala that you carry with you.