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Qi Vesta 2

Qi Vesta 2


PDF and MP3 download

The Qi Vesta designed to take you out of the largest matrix...

Listen to this audio taster of Almine describing the new Qi Vesta 2.0 to find out more about this new version. Also check out a little sample of the sound elixir used in a ceremony to get a feel for the depth it can take you during a session...


Many miracle stories and strong testimonials have come from the first Qi Vesta. Used by practitioners all over the world, it has become one of Almine's most popular tools. Now, we share a new upgraded version, the Qi Vesta 2, containing new wheels and names for the concepts. Now accompanied with a specifically created sound elixir, this combination of light and frequency makes this Qi Vesta even more potent in changing the circumstances of your life. The New Qi Vesta 2 is designed to work outside the matrix of duality.

We have now returned to the same spot on the Disc of Life where the Qi Vesta originated. In order to burst through 'the walls of deep-seated emotion', and rise above the cycles of separation of masculine and feminine, Almine has upgraded the wheels of the Qi Vesta. With this tool of manifestation we attempt to step off the disc of linear change, entering a life of exponential starburst change.

This new Qi Vesta is for all those practitioners who wish to deepen the effect of their toolset. The old Qi Vesta still works wonders within the matrix. This version connects you to a Life of No Opposites beyond the matrix...

This product is a "do it yourself" product, meaning that the cards are available in PDF format. You will need to do the cutting out and possible laminating yourself (or have it done by a professional printer).

What is the Qi Vesta?

The Lemurian Qi Vesta means ‘Breath of the Divine’, or that which breathes life into manifestation. It replaces previously used divination devices like the Tarot.

As life ascends to one of Mastery, it can be clearly seen that time is an illusion belonging to those who strive against life. The Master, in the stillness of full surrender, knows there can be no predictability when there is no time. The Master also knows that he may manifest a temple of holy life in his environment that honors the sanctity of his being. The Qi Vesta is the ancient and powerful manifestation tool for accomplishing this.

"Suffering is only inherent in life when we engage in its movement. In the stillness of full surrender, we enter the peace of timelessness"

~ Almine

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Downloads: 4 Card Decks in PDF format; MP3 download

Please note: The Qi Vesta 2 consists of only the cards and instructions. It does not include the online preparation course. It does however include a coupon code that will allow you to receive $20 off the purchase of the original Qi Vesta course: High Alchemy: Qi Vesta.