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Opening the Doors of Heaven (PDF Download)

Opening the Doors of Heaven (PDF Download)



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Revelations of the Mysteries of Isis

Unravel the secrets of one of the most influential beings ever to have walked the earth. What a journey it has been!

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Through a time-travel tunnel, linking Ireland and Egypt, Isis sent a small group of masters to prepare for the day when her mysteries would once again be released to the world to restore balance and enhance life. They established the Order of the White Rose to guard the sacred objects and the secrets of Isis. In an unprecedented event heralding the advent of a time of light, these mysteries are released for the first time.

Packed with truly thought-provoking information, this book is bound to have an indelible impression on not only the reader, but on global New Age philosophy.

What will Opening the Doors of Heaven do for me?

This deeply mystical book will tell you the secrets and predictions of Isis and the Sacred Order of the White Rose. It goes into detail about the languages of the Mother and introduces the reader to a whole host of forgotten kingdoms and their secrets. All in all it is a great book to change your view on history and reality as a whole.

How should I see Openings the Doors of Heaven in the context of all of Almine's work?

"Doors" is the first book by Almine that features information from the hidden sacred libraries of Earth, together with Windows into Eternity and Journey into the Labyrinth

Includes bonus section: Into Grandmastery with Belvaspata.

Published: 2008
308 pages
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