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Mystical Secrets of the Toltec Way & The Origins of the Seer Almine

Mystical Secrets of the Toltec Way & The Origins of the Seer Almine


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Total audio: 6 hours 28 minutes

Listen to this 11 minutes audio taster of different parts of the Mystical Secrets of the Toltec Way to get an idea of its scope and depth:

Only this sample has background music. Actual course audio clips do not.


This in-depth online course reveals the deeper mysteries of the world of Toltec teachings and its secret metaphysical knowledge. Moreover, the profound and mysterious origins of the Seer Almine are disclosed for the first time in this life-altering experience.

To put this course in perspective, during the Down the Rabbit Hole online courses, Almine was asked about the next level of Toltec teachings, because it had been foretold in The Way of the Toltec Nagual that there were deeper levels still to explore.

The actual text from The Way of the Toltec Nagual:

There are 96 levels of teachings pertaining to the new Toltec precepts. This book reveals but one of them.

The “old way” was the first level of Toltec mysticism, and the new precepts disclosed in the book make up the second level. This new online course will delve into the third level.

Not only does Mystical Secrets of the Toltec Way delve deep into Toltec Mysticism, it also gives unprecedented insights into the origins of Almine herself!

The Anutiama Nagual – The Seer of Seers

In the cycles within cycles of cosmic life, cyclical stages of life repeat themselves. Cycles of 20,000 years are called the Amati and herald profound changes in the polarity and nature of existence for all cosmic creatures. In Toltec mysticism, that is passed on through oral traditions, it is said that the “Anutiama” comes at the beginning of each of the 20,000 year cycles, to herald in the changes of the new cycle or Amati. The word “Anu” means from heaven…

“Any identity traps and fossilizes awareness. An androgynous balance must be achieved.” ~ Almine

Q. Where the masculine and feminine are evenly expressed, are you androgynous?
A. No. Androgyny is being all genders in even amount – masculine, feminine and neutral. I am not all genders, but no gender at all.
Q. How is that possible?
A. I have been travelling between the massive dreams of creation but I am not of the dream. The dreams consist of electro-magnetic particles made up of masculine and feminine components, the origin of a gender based existence.
Q. Are you saying you are not really here?
A. If by “here” you mean the matrices of the dream, no I am not, just my focus is here. It’s like someone participating in a hologram. Even though he is not part of the unreal hologram, he interacts with it but does not believe it to be real.