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Time Travel Wheel

Messages of Hope from the Future


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  • Preparing the Body for Time Travel
  • Working with the New Time Travel Wheel
  • How to Alter the Future with a Time Capsule
  • The Destiny of the Ancient Ones
  • WW3 and the Desire to Be Seen
  • The Coming Dark Ages and the De-structuring of Humanity
  • Mars and the Planetary Axis Shift of 2264
  • The Bird Tribes Vs the Parasites of Mind Control
  • Beyond Bankers: the Coming Paradigms of Earthly Rulers
  • 3rd Millennium: the One Flaw in the Golden Age on Earth
  • The Various Forms of Hostile Alien Infiltration on Planet Earth

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Total time: 7+ hours

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Please note: These recordings were made by Almine during her week in seclusion and we apologize in advance for the parts where the sound quality is not optimal.

Please note: The digital files CANNOT be downloaded directly to a mobile device (tablet, phone, etc) or be burned to a DVD. The download is a zipped folder consisting of MP3 and PDF files. It needs to be downloaded to a computer first, unzipped, and can then be transferred to a mobile device if so desired. We recommend the use of Safari or Firefox for your browser when downloading, due to the large size of the file and their ability to resume downloads if you lose your internet connection.