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Messages from the Future (Video Course)

Messages from the Future (Video Course)


Dear Friends!

September 30 – October 2, 2016, a truly legendary event will take place in Moscow – a three day seminar designed by the Seer Almine, presented by Rogier: Messages from the Future.

The Seer shares her unprecedented and amazing experiences of traveling to the future to share with us how to steer the course of unfolding events on Earth.

This information has unlimited power to change our lives!

We are happy to announce that the complete Almine's Moscow seminar "Messages from the Future" (September 30 – October 2, 2016) will be available soon as a video course, together with all handout materials and Almine's Time Travel Meditations. 

Language: English/Russian

Previously unreleased materials from Almine will be available to you!

Cost per participant: $550 - PAY NOW via PayPal

"We are at a point of crossroads in time, during which it is imperative for the great Lights of the Earth to shape the future into a graceful one. It is gratifying to have been able to see how successful that which we have already done has been in evolving humanity." - The Seer Almine.

Themes include:

  • Preparing the Body for Time Travel
  • Working with the New Time Travel Wheel
  • How to Alter the Future with a Time Capsule
  • The Destiny of the Ancient Ones
  • The Coming Dark Ages and the Destructuring of Humanity
  • WW3 and the Desire to Be Seen
  • The Various Forms of Hostile Alien Infiltration on Planet Earth
  • Mars and the Planetary Axis Shift of 2264
  • The Bird Tribes Vs the Parasites of Mind Control
  • When the Inner Earth Opens its Doors
  • Beyond Bankers: the Coming Paradigms of Earthly Rulers
  • 3rd Millennium: the One Flaw in the Golden Age on Earth

Now you have an opportunity to join in this unique alchemy and receive all materials provided during the seminar in their entirety, as if you were physically present with us!

All who wish to be part of this event will be able to be, at whatever time and place is most convenient!

Please note: you will receive the video course with accompanying materials after October 16, 2016.

This event is not available from AlmineWisdom.com - click here to visit Mudrost Almine to purchase→

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