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Messages from the Future (Moscow September 30 - October 2, 2016)

Messages from the Future (Moscow September 30 - October 2, 2016)


The Teachings of the Seer Almine

Moscow Friday September 30 - Sunday October 2, 2016

A three days workshop in English / Russian

Presented by Rogier Chardet

Contact Sergey Achkasov for all your questions and concerns, including obtaining a Visa for Russia sergey@almine.net

"We are at a point of crossroads in time during which it is imperative for the great Lights of the Earth to shape the future into a graceful one. It is gratifying to have been able to see how successful that which we have already done has been in evolving humanity." - The Seer Almine

The Seer shares her unprecedented and amazing experiences of traveling to the future to share with us how to steer the course of unfolding events on Earth.

This life altering information will be presented for the first time by Rogier in Moscow. A life-changing event not to be missed.

All participants will receive the Belvaspata of Resurrection and the 144 Tones of Love.

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