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Journey to the Heart of God (Audiobook Download)

Journey to the Heart of God (Audiobook Download)


Mystical Keys to Immortal Mastery

Abridged Audiobook MP3 download


After three months of intense physical preparation in January 2004, Almine experienced a transfiguration, entering the presence of the Infinite for the second time since moving into God-consciousness (the state of no longer identifying with the ego) in 2000. It is an opportunity of a lifetime to see through the eyes of one who has encountered the indescribable realms of eternity. From such a perspective come insights that can heal the deepest wounds of alienation found in human hearts.


"Although I've read the paperback with fervour and a passion, the audio book version is even more spellbinding. Like all of Almine’s works it has grown and spiraled up even higher in sync with recent changes in the cosmos. It’s as though seeing it for the first time in a new and more glorious light."

~ Paul Downes, British record producer

"Almine's audiobooks are a delight! The combination of her soothing voice, deep spiritual wisdom, personal stories used to convey insights and mystical adventures makes for a fantastic listening experience. Sharp production and a pristine sound complete it all. Some (not all!) of the audiobooks come with a very subtle background music, which makes it all even more enjoyable. I have read through every single one of Almine's physical books, but somehow this experience is different, it seems more personal. It is as if I am taken by the hand personally by Almine on an epic journey. Thus, audiobooks are quickly becoming my most favorite of Almine's products. I listen to it in bed, in the train, or on a rainy afternoon with a cup of coffee. They are truly a hidden gem and a gift to myself."

~ Niels, the Netherlands

Journey to the Heart of God is also available in paperback or as an e-book.

Duration: 4 Hours
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