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Journey to the Heart of God (PDF Download)

Journey to the Heart of God (PDF Download)


Mystical Keys to Immortal Mastery

The quintessential Almine book. How to go to Enlightenment and beyond…

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After three months of intense physical preparation in January 2004, Almine experienced a transfiguration, entering the presence of the Infinite for the second time since moving into God-consciousness (the state of no longer identifying with the ego) in 2000. In the weeks that followed, the powerful revelations contained in this book emerged from that all-encompassing silence. Having lost most of her linear thinking during this transition, much of this book has been written without conscious thought. This form of automatic writing, like the automatic speaking she now does, flows freely from Source into her own handwriting from which it was transcribeer.

Few who have entered into God-consciousness leave the bliss to teach. Still fewer enter the stage of Immortal Master and in addition continue to function among the masses; but as a Toltec nagual and seer, Almine's life is dedicated to leading others to complete freedom from mortal boundaries. It is an opportunity of a lifetime to see through the eyes of one who has encountered the indescribable realms of eternity. From such a perspective come insights that can heal the deepest wounds of alienation found in human hearts. These sacred messages contain the true identity of mankind as light beacons of Creation and way-showers back to the heart of God.

Within this book some of the mysteries of the cosmos that have plagued seers for eons have been solved for the first time. Never before in the history of any mystery schools have such illuminating revelations challenged everything we thought we knew about the destiny of man. Within every fiber of our beings and in the depth of our hearts truth, no matter how profound, can be recognized for what it is, and it is truth that shall set us free.

What will Journey to the Heart of God do for me?

Detailing the nature of the inner and outer realities, Journey to the Heart of God is a treasure chest of information regarding the world we live in and the power that yields in developing a dedicated spiritual life. It answers questions like: "How do I go beyond enlightenment?", "How do I make my relationships thrive?" and "How do I go beyond mortal boundaries?". Using this book you will begin to understand life both on a macrocosmic scale, as well as on the every day scale, giving you invaluable perspective into the grand adventure of consciousness.

How should I see Journey to the Heart of God in the context of all of Almine's work?

"Journey" is Almine's second book. Various concepts that evolve in her later teachings are introduced. As with all of Almine's work, this book was created to give the reader the roadmap to his own spiritual freedom. Leaving the flock of birds behind, in order to fly high like the eagle.

We hope you enjoy this spiritual masterpiece!

Published: 2005
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