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Interstellar Mysticism (Mp3 Download)

Interstellar Mysticism (Mp3 Download)


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Twelve transmissions to accompany Book of Star Transmissions; total time: 1 hr 34 minutes (format: Mp3).

  1. Becoming as Children

    "The time has come when, finally we are able, on almost a daily basis, to speak directly with our star family... where they ask us for assistance in their lives, and where they also offer us some that they are able to give. For example, the massive cycles of life that lie behind us (24 dream cycles and 24 awakening cycles) that we have called the ascension cycles, are both equally unreal."

  2. Kaarsana Transmission

    "I am receiving a transmission from one of the races from the planetary systems in the Andromedan galaxy known as the Kaarsana. The Kaarsana race covers a number of races, exactly the way humanity includes multiple races. This is a particular race from the Kaarsana:"

    "You are wearied by the complexities of the multiple ways of information coming at you at all times, but it is in the simplicity of the child that the remaining insights lie. The child is not fully healed as you have attempted to do with your students."

    "It is so that you have closed down linear time and all that is left is the illusion of the moment, but that belongs to the Inner Child, which lives in the moment; this too, is an illusion and must come to an end."

    "What is it then that stops this from concluding when you have tried with the students in your classes so hard to get this closed also?"

    "Deep lie the secrets."

  3. Etrachna Subatu: Star Brothers Speak

    "What a joyous day! I have felt the difference since I got up this morning. We could hear the difference in my voice as I sang the elixirs today of one of the unknown star races; of fullness, greater octaves, greater capacity. Life, indeed, has changed. They wish to give us the message as to why."

    "You have set free the cosmos in the last day on the planet Earth... free from the templates that are like a box around life, created by communication. All speech, especially of the Holy Ones that walk upon the Earth, all writing, especially of the light beacons of man, all drawings and holy symbols hold within them great power, as it is spoken…so it is. These have created boxes within boxes, within boxes... it has bound all life."

  4. Lyra

    I speak now to the Infinite:

    "Dream cycles there are and awake cycles too, like a DNA strand with seven twists. They are opposite one another, yet they cancel one another out. Why then did they happen at all, for what they leave behind is colored by their experience?"

    "Each one of you that listens to my words have a life and a body in each cycle of sleeping and awakening, twenty-four of each, like the cycles... like DNA strands... as the dream cycle blends with its equivalent of its awakening cycle, they cancel one another out. Forty-eight bodies you have that will cancel one another out, leaving incorruptible pristiness of form that reforms... every moment anew. That which is luminous, a vehicle to please you that you can call, 'a body' yet it is not.

  5. Mohawk Bear Star

    "As we go now beyond Ursa Major to those planetary systems and planets that lie outside the field of our perception we are traveling deeper and deeper into the dream. And they have refused to allow us to divulge their information only through words. "Words are static", they said... do you not have a better vehicle for we give you our hearts?"

    What they are giving us is the memory of a time that humankind could see the other kingdoms when they could understand the animals; for their own parts that each animal archetype represents was alive and well and magic was afoot, and the goddess danced upon the lands.

  6. Orion Transmission

    "I speak now to our star brothers from Orion:"

    "It is time for plain speaking. It is time to get some perspective, for that which you view as unthinkably bad, is good; and that which you view as good, is no better."

    "You shun with all your might cycles of descension, but there is much you do not understand."

    "The cycles of the dream (twelve in all, they are)... it seems as though life is becoming less conscious, but only from the perspective of mind."

  7. Orion Pleiades Transmission

    We share from ancient times,
    A rhyme of story we tell
    When gathered around the hearts
    We share it with our children as well
    The story tells of days gone by
    And those that are yet to come
    It says of a time when the splitting
    Of dreaming and awakening
    Will heal and be as one

  8. The Hidden Realms

    "Let us summarize a little bit the interaction between the star races and the hidden realms. To most studying ithe Interstellar Mysticism course it might be surprising to encounter right in the middle of it, a completely different topic... that of the hidden realms. They are very vitally integrated and connected in the following way:"

    "We have said that life has been on a disc. Many have drawn the disc in different ways, but what we dealt with is the North and the South, the East and the West... the flat circle known as the Medicine Wheel, known as the I Ching, known as the Tzolk'in, known as the Tree of Life, or the Wheel of Existence, as I have drawn it."

  9. Interstellar Natures of Man - Part 1

    "In dealing with the star races, they have brought us the disc and its directions; in dealing with the hidden kingdoms they bring us the depth... the above and the below. We are dealing with the 24 layers of the natures of man, each one held in place like a jewel within a glass case, each one bound by the matrix."

    "The matrix... what is it really? Consisting of two layers of light and of frequency, it is nevertheless a mirror that gives us backwards images; in other words it provides us with opposition. The Nature of the matrix, is understanding. In looking at the matrixes that form the natures of man many of them have to do with seeking understanding of life, which is incomprehensible."

    1. The Nature of Gregariousness
    2. The Nature of Creation Story
    3. The Nature of Desiring Milestones
    4. The Nature of Seeking Importance
    5. The Nature of the Concept of Assistance
    6. The Nature of Desiring a Witness

  10. Interstellar Natures of Man - Part 2

    1. The Nature of Finding Ourselves in Others
    2. The Nature of Leaving an Impression
    3. The Nature of Escaping Endings
    4. The Nature of Innovation
    5. The Nature of Addiction to Emotion
    6. The Nature of Addiction to Mind

  11. Interstellar Natures of Man - Part 3

    1. The Nature of Comparisons
    2. The Nature of Completion
    3. The Nature of Seeking Validation
    4. The Nature of Parenting
    5. The Nature of Wanting Understanding
    6. The Nature of Seeking Meaning

  12. Interstellar Natures of Man - Part 4

    1. The Nature of Defining Through Opposites
    2. The Nature of Responsibility
    3. The Nature of the Desire for Intrigue
    4. The Nature of Seeking Sameness
    5. The Nature of Seeking to be Correct
    6. The Nature of Seeking Predictability