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The Art of Mastering Timemaps

The Art of Mastering Timemaps



Learn the mystical art of interpreting the will of the Divine...

A Webinar by Rogier Chardet

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Presenting the Teachings of the Immortal Master Almine

.... Learn more about the power and significance of the 8th of February, celebrated by billions in Asia as the Chinese New Year.

.... Learn more about what a destiny is, how it is formed and how it changes.

.... Get detailed instruction how to read the deeper nuances and guidance of your personal timemap.

.... And much more

It is recommended (but not essential) that you obtain a personal timemap for this seminar.

Recording available within 24 hours

Webinar participants will receive:
– full instructions;
– access to recording of the webinar for study online at a time most convenient for you.

If you have any questions, please mail to: support@almine.ru

In this episode of The Seer Almine Podcast, Sergey and Rogier discuss the upcoming webinar, 'The Art of Mastering TIMEMAPS' (coming February 8, 2016)

00:00 Opening
00:30 Intro
04:30 Origin story
07:02 Surf the ocean, armed with a map
07:47 Hidden neural mysteries
08:38 Navigating the time territory
10:00 Originally TIMEMAPS were too difficult to interpret
11:15 TIMEMAPS, manifestation & higher interpretation
13:19 “A TIMEMAP is like an opera”
14:21 Foundation practice and deeper mysteries of TIMEMAPS: mantras interfacing with the collective group
16:27 Personal mantras and power days (the one and the many)
18:31 Collective practice of TIMEMAP magic
19:36 February 8 Cosmic Rebirth Ceremony
20:58 Send your webinar questions to timemaps@almine.net
22:33 Almine sends a text message on vertical and horizontal lines
27:29 Why are cosmic birthdays not represented visually on the TIMEMAP?
30:43 Closing