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Masculine Fragrance Oil

The Properties of this Oil

Promotes inner masculine strength and self-confidence. Creates belief in the ability to achieve.


"From the moment I began to open Hathor I could just feel Almine's presence on it and was immediately filled with a sense of wonder, enchantment, and adventure to where I was in a more expanded and celebrated awareness, as its qualities encourage self-confidence and achievment. The frequency of Hathor is perfect; as I wear it often it reminds me of a particular characteristic of oneness that goes beyond words filling me with a sense of confidence and readiness. If I encounter any madness (that is a part of me, of course) in my environment I'm immediatley taken out of it by referencing the ambitious scent that is Hathor. Like many of Almine's products it reduces and relaxes the illusions and opposites in my environment. What a gift!!!

I absolutely love this fragrance for both its life-enhancing qualities and scent. Anyone who purchases this product should feel the same. Once again, it's truly a thoughtful and quality product that we've come to know and love from Almine. Thanks again (and I forgot to mention that its delivery was very fast) for such a sustainable and lovely experience." ~ Brad, United States

"All the fragrances are so exquisite that the word favorite is gone by now." - Diane Lapierre

The Properties of the Oils as a Whole

Although each individual bottle of oil will include a sigil to enhance specific properties in that particular bottle, the fragrances themselves have specific emphasis of qualities. The fragrances bring out emotional and spiritual wholeness, and can be used as after-shave, perfume, and deodorant and as a daily anointing of the body. They keep their potency for years and will only get better when stored on their sigil.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If for any unexpected reason your oil has leaked, please return the bottle for a full replacement. Your return shipping charges will be refunded as well.

Note: These oils sell out very fast. If your order is not in stock we should be able to get it from Egypt within 4 weeks. We appreciate your patience.

For express delivery and general inquiries, contact Ronni: ronni@almine.net

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