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Handbook for Healers (PDF Download)

Handbook for Healers (PDF Download)


The Healing Wisdom of the Seer Almine

PDF download

The quintessential Almine book on health and healing. Recommended reading for any healer or person who wants to know more about their health and rejuvenation.

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Handbook for Healers is an invaluable tool for anyone interested in self-healing or the healing of others. It offers both practical and spiritual guidance gleaned from the globally acclaimed Seer Almine’s advice to her students during the past decade. It reveals vital information on rejuvenating the body and understanding its communication through the language of pain, and many more empowering insights.

Almine's Endorsements

“This beautiful woman approaches life with respect, honor and compassion. Her high energy and obvious knowledge of ancient healing ways are the traits of a true healer.”

Grandmother Nagi Whiteowl, Native American Elder, Cherokee and Lakota Nations

“Almine's genius lies in her extraordinary sensitivity to the energy fields of others. This gift makes her an exceptional healer.”

Dr. James Alexander, DC, USA

“I am most impressed. I have never met anyone who knows better what it means to heal, medical doctors included, than Almine. Our interactions leave me enriched.”

Dr. Robert Jacobs, MD, England

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Published: 2012
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