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How to Raise an Exceptional Child (PDF Download)

How to Raise an Exceptional Child (PDF Download)


Practical Wisdom for Spiritual Mastery

PDF download

Safeguarding the purity of our children in a world of escalating materialism, requires a deep understanding and wisdom on the part of the parents, grandparents and other caregivers.

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They walk among us seemingly as ordinary children. But then we look again, for something in their eyes catches our attention – a certain knowingness, an ancient wisdom coupled with a purity so profound that it stops us in our tracks. Surely the masters throughout the ages, the light-bearers of humanity, looked out at the world with just such clarity.

They may sit in a highchair with egg on their faces, but they wear it with dignity, like a monarch wearing a bejeweled crown. They watch us with a benign tolerance that leaves us wondering whether they view themselves as the parents and us as the children.

Whether they shrink from the abrasive and intrusive presence of the world or reach eagerly for it with dimpled, chubby hands, their courage and determination is evident from their very first faltering step. When finally they can speak, their questions are startling in their probing simplicity and their observations spellbinding in their elegant perceptiveness. These are the exceptional children we are privileged to parent.

What will How to Raise an Exceptional Child do for me?

Not only does this book give insights on raising exceptional children, it provides the the reader a deeper understanding of their own life and the roles social conditioning has played in creating limiting beliefs.  Highly recommended reading for all those who wish to discover the Divine in the sanctity of the relationship shared with children.

How should I see How to Raise an Exceptional Child in the context of all of Almine's work?

Although this book is written for the parents and grandparents that come to Almine's classes with questions about their extraordinary children, How to Raise an Exceptional Child is also filled with practical wisdom for every day life for those who do not have any children. As such it is a good introduction to Almine's work.

The online course version of How to Raise an Exceptional Child

This book was originally the textbook for the online course "How to Raise an Exceptional Child": A 24 day online course in which Almine shares daily audio transmissions that are just laden not only with the philosophy of sacred living, but also with practical knowledge for establishing a self-sustainable, healthful home life for the entire family.

If you are interested in the combination of both the book, coupled with the deep insights Almine shares in daily audio transmissions, then be sure to take a look at the original How to Raise an Exceptional Child online course. At the link you will find an audio taster of the daily transmissions by Almine of 11 minutes, to give you an idea of the scope and depth of this online course.

How to Raise an Exceptional Child is also available as a physical book.

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Published: 2010
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