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Down the Rabbit Hole 4 (Download)

Down the Rabbit Hole 4 (Download)


Featuring the Arcturian Transmissions

A 20 Day Course in PDF and MP3 Downloads

Over the years, Almine has guided us through the matrices of illusion, moving beyond a life of opposites and stepping into the Eternal Moment. In this 6 minute audio, Almine describes this journey and reveals the next step. A step that may require us to let go of one of our most 'sacred cows':


The increased interaction with our star brothers is one of the themes of this course. Listen to this 7 minute audio message from Almine as she details what is to come:


Almine will take you even deeper down the rabbit hole! Themes include Sacred Sexuality, the Haaraknit, the Pranic Tube, the Life Force Center, the Magic Staff, the new Runes and the completion of the cosmic drama in the Formula of Boundlessness.

Table of Contents

  1. Dreaming and the Dream Body 14:35 min.
  2. Arcturian Transmissions 1: The Restoration of the Magical Life 18:06 min.
  3. Arcturian Transmissions 2: Mastering Density 16:03 min.
  4. Arcturian Transmissions 3: The Quest for Truth 13:52 min.
  5. Arcturian Transmissions 4: Omniperspectives 15:50 min.
  6. Keys to Release the Old Patterns of Adversity (Gifts from the Arcturians) 18:26 min.
  7. Messages from the Angels (The Rhino's Horn) 15:26 min.
  8. Placeholders, Roles and Sensuality 15:08 min.
  9. Morphogenetic Fields 19:26 min.
  10. Deep Relational Fields and Perspectives 16:43 min.
  11. The Songs of the Directions 14:38 min.
  12. Guidance from the High Heart and the Inner Senses 15:34 min.
  13. Arcturian Transmissions 5: Healing Negative Emotions 12:57 min.
  14. The Emergence of the Goddess Blend 19:02 min.
  15. The Evolved Feminine 15:06 min.
  16. The Haaraknit 15:34 min.
  17. Ascended Masters and the Mother's Blood 16:17 min.
  18. Secrets of the Moon and Remote Viewing 14:32 min.
  19. Escaping Duality 19:45 min.
  20. Using the Inner Senses 16:14 min.

Total: 6+ Hours of Audio

Also included: Bonus audio titled 'The Secret of Perception' a 49 minute fireside discourse recorded at the Shamanic Women's Retreat in February 2013.

Listen to this preview to get a better idea about the scope and depth of this course:

Extra PDF Materials

Included in this course are PDF files about 144 frequencies of adventure, Almine's diary entries when first encountering the Haaraknit, the 24 states of awareness and more.

Optional Artwork

In some of the transmissions Almine discusses different Arcturian artworks. These artworks are not included, however you can find them here.

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