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Divinity Quest

Divinity Quest


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Activating the Higher Matrix of Godhood in Your DNA

65 Mystical Cards in a Velveteen Bag


Through ages of existence of cycles of life, death and ascension, there are those great lights on Earth who have felt the deep anguish of knowing that the reality of man is not their own; that a higher reality beckons. Almine has laid down a map for the magnificent journey home to the greater reality of godhood.

Divinity Quest is a physical card deck for divination and DNA activation. It's an easy yet profound tool, enabling the remembrance and activation of your divine origin in daily life.

See also: Mastering the Tool of the Gods - the Divinity Quest user guide : http://www.spiritualmastery.com/mastering-the-tool-of-the-gods

What You Get

This set contains 65 divination cards, each with a message, power sigil and angel. The cards come in a black & gold velveteen bag. Also included is the protocol for DNA activation to awaken the qualities of godhood. (Click photos to enlarge).

In the background of one of the photos you can see the Wheel of Perpetual Regeneration. So far it is not officially part of Divinity Quest, but you may download the digital file here https://almine.box.com/s/bye3k3rb8eorh6rufalo

More Information

Listen to this 3 minute audio by Almine in which she gives more insights into Divinity Quest:

Also listen to this 17 minute discussion between Rogier and Niels about the use and background of Divinity Quest and how it relates to, for example, the Tarot:

Tip 1: If you want to get the most out of your Divinity Quest cards, we highly recommend following along with Almine's online course Mastering the Tool of the Gods, over on spiritualmastery.com. In it she discusses all 65 concepts of the Divinity Quest cards in detail, so that you can fully grasp what each card is trying to say to you.

Tip 2: Also check out the Divinity Quest forum: divinityquest.net

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