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Cooking with Class (Free PDF Download)

Cooking with Class (Free PDF Download)


The English Cookbook

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By The Rt. Hon. The Countess of Shannon, with contributions by Her Grace the Duchess of Valderano


"I love to cook, to knead the plump bread dough between my hands. I love to see the texture of the vegetables; the swirls and whirls of cutting red cabbage or the exquisite symmetry of peas in a pod. I love the aroma of baking cinnamon rolls, fresh and steaming hot from the oven; the delicate combination of flavors in a well-made sauce. 

But most of all, I love the faces of the visitors and students as they light up at the sight of a table brimming with delectable fare. The visitors often exceed the chairs at my table and lunch is laid out buffet style, giving them the chance to help themselves and return again and again for after meal snacks while congregating to chat."
~ Almine 

Both the English cookbook and the American cookbook contain a witty, informative and charming collection of menus, recipes and heartwarming insights and memoirs. Each has different recipes. Imperial measurements are used for the English recipes (gallons and pints are British measurements). They provide a fascinating glimpse into Almine’s life as a British Countess before she chose to devote herself to her path as a spiritual teacher.

Published: 2008
195 pages
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