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Ceremony of the Magic of the Gods and Evolved Man: Living in the Bounty of Pristine Magic

Ceremony of the Magic of the Gods and Evolved Man: Living in the Bounty of Pristine Magic



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International Practical Webinar Series
Ceremony of the Magic of the Gods and Evolved Man:
Living in the Bounty of Pristine Magic
4 webinars (audio and video recordings and pdf materials)

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Facilitator: Ella Yelinek (Spiritual Journeys, Mudrost Almine).
Live translation provided by Sergey Achkasov (Spiritual Journeys, Mudrost Almine).
If you have any questions, please mail to:

Course participants will receive:

– live access to the webinars (duration of each webinar: 3 – 4 hours);
– full instructions (pdf);
– access to recordings of the webinars for study online at a time most convenient for you.


1. Meditation "Temple at the Core of the Earth" by Almine (from Ultimate Meditation II), mp3.
2. Calling the 999 Angel Gods by Almine, mp3.
3. Video download "Internalizing God and Goddess Archetypes".
4. Chant of the Angel Gods, mp3.

Your DNA contains all of existence!

Full expression of all of the rows of the DNA Rose is the highest culmination point of the evolution of your consciousness at the current moment of Being.

Supergodhood is the full expression of 9 rows of the DNA Rose, including:

  • Rows 1-3: The physical reality of a Highly Evolved (Pristine) Human
  • Rows 4-6: The God Kingdom
  • Rows 7-9: The Magical Kingdom (magical realms)

In Supergodhood, life manifests as a pristine, incorruptible, magical perspective.

Within the DNA Rose, realities are separated by membranes woven by belief systems and spiritual programs. These membranes do not allow for the full expression of all perspectives at once.

The physical reality of Evolved (Pristine) Man is shrouded in webs of illusions and belief systems, so Gods and Goddesses find it uncomfortable to function among humanity due to their lack of a complete base. When you remove the separating membrane between the realities of Pristine Man and the God Kingdom, these realities unite within you, and the first 6 rows of the DNA Rose become fully activated. As a result, the secretion of magical hormones is activated, as well as great power and the omniperspective. You are fully living in the realm of Godhood.

The unification of the realities of Pristine Man and the God Kingdom with the Magical Realms awakens a very powerful magic within you, where you function in complete harmony with Infinite Intent, which further activates your DNA.

"We have been given a very profound magic that combines the use of the magic of Pristine Humanity, as well as the magic of the God Kingdom, and in addition to that incorporates the magic of the Angel Gods of the Magical Kingdoms. These are the three parallel realities that, in our spiritual evolution become one. As we do it within, so it occurs without. We create changes by accentuating qualities within us, and these changes start to manifest in our environment.

We have received an incredible magical protocol – a magnificent Ceremony that awakens the mighty power of magic within us in service to all life. We completely cooperate with Infinite Intent, which activates our DNA. Working with this magical protocol is a source of Blessing for us and for all of humanity through us.

This new magical protocol is the most important protocol for restoring magic in the lives of all beings that have preserved their worthiness and the purity of their hearts".


Principle of Godhood 151: “Fully expressed third level of the God Kingdom.” When you live your Godhood, and I call the third level of Godhood “Supergodhood” – when you live this, you are starting to be able to earn the right to call yourself a god. In Toltec lore and teachings, you cannot call yourself a Toltec until certain inner stages of mastery have been accomplished. You cannot call yourself a god until you are not only living the Pristine Humanness of having all human grids removed – after you remove all human grids, all that is left is Pristine Humanness… But godhood is not just living those principles, because you can’t just live the middle ring of DNA. It has to begin with the very center rings of DNA, which is Pristine Humanness. Then you live the additional three rings and you have Godhood. But what is this Supergodhood, this third level of the God Kingdom? It is when you are also living the Magical Life. The Magical Life is a perspective, that allows you to interact in a magical way with your environment.

The magical ceremony uses The Chant of Sacred Invocation of the Angel Gods of the Magical Kingdom – the Chant of Atonement.

“The Sacred Invocations form a Song of Praise to the Embodiment of the Infinite. They awaken the Infinite within all life, and atone or redeem the dormant aspects of expression. They also represent the template of evolved DNA and the organization of space. To have the powerful tool of the sigils of the billions of angels represented by the angelic template and the sound of the words they sing with their being is a gift beyond measure and a resource of incalculable value. May their pristine principles light the way of our footsteps upon our never-ending journey of self-discovery.”


We will use information from the newest and most avant-garde materials from Almine regarding SACRED SEXUALITY :

“The third kind of orgasm is a spiritual orgasm. It arises from higher expressions of the state of Praise, which can also be called a state of Rapture.”


One can attain the state of Praise using materials from the Webinar series “The Untaintable Existence,” and the state of Praise can also be activated or strengthened using this Ceremony of the Magic of the Gods and Evolved, Pristine Man, performing the Sacred Invocation of the Angel Gods in a group format.

Possibilities Created by The Ceremony of Magic of the Gods and Evolved Man:

- Dissolving illusory membranes in the DNA Rose

- Abundant expression of the evolved God and Goddess Archetypes; Activation of DNA components

- Activation of the graceful wholeness of effortless participation in self-discovery through authentic expression

- Becoming the evolving expression of Source through refined awareness of Infinite Intent

- Harmonious interaction of the systems in our physical body

- Unifying of the realities of the Magical Kingdom, the God Kingdom, and the physical reality of Evolved, Pristine Man; Living from all perspectives simultaneously

- Changing your visual perception of reality

- Obtaining allies:“We have very powerful allies in the Angel Gods. There is nothing like them in the whole cosmos. And they are your allies.” Almine

This webinar is recommended for:

- anyone who is ready to leave the existence of the matrix and rise to the throne of their Self-Sovereignty as a God Being, to reclaim their pristine might and power

- anyone who uses tools from the various courses and books of Almine

- anyone who practices with cards from Almine

- anyone who practices Belvaspata

- students of the Interntaional Academy of Spiritual Mastery

- healers, life coaches, etc.

- anyone whose heart responds:

It means the time has come for the caterpillar to become a butterfly!

Webinar Program:

Using Alchemical Equations, Power Wheels and Power Sigils from Almine

- Activation of the equations and deep integration of The 9 Precepts of the Magic of the Gods for Living in the Bounty of Pristine Magic

- Activation of the equations and deep integration of The 9 Perspectives of Evolved DNA

- Activation and deep integration of The 20 God Archetypes and 20 Goddess Archetypes

- Activation of the equations of the 20 Meridians; formation of a unified field

- The Magical Ceremony “Magic of the Gods and Evolved Man for Living in the Bounty of Pristine Magic” using the Sacred Invocations of the Angel Gods of the Magical Kingdom and activation of Power Sigils for Living in the Bounty of Pristine Magic

- Changing your visual perception of reality.

Ella Yelinek about group practice: "As shown by my many years of experience in teaching, deep integration of any material happens during practical application of the material by each and every student in the group together with the practitioner-teacher – not by seeing an example provided by the teacher, or provided by the teacher working with one student, but each student taking part in the process itself. As a result, the efficiency of the alchemical process is leveraged exponentially, and further work with the given techniques and practices (especially by a beginner) will also be much more effective".


"Ella, that was totally awesome!!! Thank you so much Sergey!!
I have never felt the presence of the Angel Gods so clearly before! I can feel them as I call upon them now, at any time. I am working with the power wheels and especially the one for Combining Inner and Outer space. :) The Angel Gods are very helpful and I can feel their presence so clearly as I call upon them :)
Thank you so much for your guidance in reaching the presence of the Angel Gods and for our collective group alchemy. It is soooooo much more powerful than performing these practices by myself! I highly recommend this course, Magic of the Gods, to everyone. Connecting with these powerful Angel Gods in this way, has enabled me to feel their presence, much more clearly, in everyday life and with the use of all other power wheels and ceremonies. So grateful to Ella, for this great service she has rendered for all of us".
Big hugs and kisses,

"In fact, I have practiced alone different programs the past two years; I have never ever had a chance to participate physically in any programs before Almine's health issues. Since I started with these webinars courses in addition to the timemaps, the practice on the book "Bridge of No Time", I have felt significant progress on my journey." Joel

"Dear Beloved Team Russia,
In considering your work and great gift to me, and the world, it makes me think of a verse from the Tao Te Ching. “When the Masters work is done the people say, amazing we did it, all by ourselves!”
Perceiving this then, it is quite apparent to me that great work which is now being done in me is not because of my mastery, but rather yours.
It is to TeamRussia which I owe a profound thank you. It is upon your shoulders which I find myself able to stand. It is because of your great strength of heart, devotion, and, excellence that you now find yourself so closely positioned to our beloved Almine. You have found yourself entrusted with her most sacred knowledge, and given the task of disseminating it the world.
Sense my participation in your ongoing webinar classes you have been a true bridge to Almine for me. And have given me access to her teachings and power which I normally would not have.
Time and again you bring all the world together in wondrous group alchemical equations that create such effective change in me that I can only pause in reverence.
All the world meets on your doorstep, and it is to you dear Russia, which we owe a profound THANK YOU.
I say again, Thank you…
…Thank you Ella, Sergey, and Ekaterina for the unspeakable blessing that you are in my life." With unspeakable Love, Praise, and Gratitude,

"I just wanted to comment on how I feel when I am participating with the Russian Almine Team on a webinar. I have for many many years participated in numerous courses, too numerous to mention, and I have to say that I have never experienced such deep love and compassion, sincerity and heart-felt gratitude from those who are teaching the course as I do with Almine Russia. The beautiful music of heart felt love that Ella and Sergey emanate from their Infinite Selves is beyond words". Patty

"Blessings to you all! I have wished to express in words the feelings of gratitude for the Rune and Untaintable Existence courses and the results in my being from the alchemy of all participating. I cannot find the words and I think you know what I mean. There are no words only immense changes within and growing praise, gratitude, trust, and Divine Compassion. I have come to a place also of great joy in living and unfolding revelations of self within the Infinite. I am also being brought into a deeper more joyous experience of practicing Belvaspata and the experience within of being a Grand Master. Ella, Sergey, Ekaterina, and all who work to bring these courses into reality thank you for this great blessing. Also, a humorous experience I had with Sergey's music - I purchased The Infinite album and couldn't figure out why I did not like the music. It was like many notes were missing. I knew it was something within me and asked to know what was " going on". Well I listened again to the Infinite song and all the music was there for me to hear - it was wonderful! I was afraid to experience the depth of release of emotions. Your music led me through a most joyous experience. I danced within and throughout the Universe!"

With great love for you all, Lynette

"Just want to let you know what a tremendous joy it was to be part of Part 1 of the Webinar series Zero Point. I just love the synergy and profoundness. This is truly powerful and I feel altered already". Laura

"I feel like telling you about my experiences after the first part of the VIP practicum God Merkaba webinar. When my field of hope was established, the pyramids rotating. I felt somehow complete, "like it should be" I remember, my cells know this state of being :) A very deep feeling of "wanting to fly" came over me. The sensation was very touching, somewhere between hurting and bliss.. I'm deeply grateful for all the gifts and blessings I'm encountering in my life just now. You are great! And Almine is miraculous indeed". Irene

"Just amazing – the energies were unbelievably amazing and powerful! I feel every cell vibrating, my body is tingling :))) My whole body is humming, like it is about to take off! I love you and thank you from my whole heart!!!" Marina

"A huge THANK YOU for the webinar. Everything was so powerful. Just like at a retreat. I have never been able to go that deep at home before. Just super and super. Everything is opening up inside. Everything is made of gratitude )))" Elena

"Ella, I write you my testimonial about your webinars with sincere Love and Gratitude. Thanks to these practical sessions the material is very easy to learn, virtually without questions. All nuances are discussed, everything is explained in great detail, so the students have no problems practicing the techniques on their own – just listen and do, and sincerely thank your teacher for the work they put in. Dear Ella, I sincerely thank you for helping us all – huge thanks to you". With huge Love and Gratitude, Lena Ustinova

"My dear magical Ella! Thanks to YOU I have forgotten how to walk!!!))) Yes, now I only fly, and miracles follow me wherever I go – they just happen every step of the way. I LOVE and thank you! Describing everything would take too long, but sometimes it is hard even for me to believe that I am in Germany". Inessa Borga

"Ella, huge thanks to you for the webinar, for the work you put in, for the state that has returned to me: just be and love infinitely. Words cannot express how much I am overflowing with praise, love and gratitude in trust. Please keep supporting us with your creative endeavors – they provide such a great impulse to want to live… Thank you and I love you infinitely))" Nadezhda

"Ella, thank you from my whole heart!!! Unbelievably amazing sensations! I still have pressure in my ears. The energies were so tangible! There were a few moments where it was difficult for me. I listened and was enchanted by your lightness, femininity and inner light, radiating with tenderness and love))))))))) Thank you once again, and I hope soon to feel at home in this magical current! With my whole heart, I wish you goodness, love, and joy!!!!!" With warm respect, Olga