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Registration for Belvaspata Directory (January)

Registration for Belvaspata Directory (January)


 Registration for Belvaspata Directory

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Annual fee of US $60 is payable on every January 1 upon registration as a Belvaspata (BVP) Master or Grand Master. You may also register throughout the year, but your registration will still expire at the end of December. Each month the price of registration is reduced to reflect the remainder of that year's registration.

*You will receive a PDF with instructions for having your name added to the online directory.

The benefits of registration include: 

  • Being listed in the Belvaspata Masters & Grand Masters Directory
  • Private forum for BVP Masters & Grand Masters for questions & answers and announcements
  • Being recognized on the Belvaspata Official Registry
  • And many more...!

NOTE: Initiation into Belvaspata Master or Grand Master level along with daily practice for at least 6 months is required in order to register on the Belvaspata Directory.