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The Book of Gods and Men (PDF & MP3 Download)

The Book of Gods and Men (PDF & MP3 Download)


Emerging from the Matrix

24 Day Online Course in PDF and MP3 Downloads

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Listen to a 13 minutes audio taster of different parts of the The Book of Gods and Men to get an idea of the scope and depth of the course:


A breathtaking experience of walking beside the Seer Almine on her daily journey. Various audio, video, written and photographic transmissions ~ six days per week ~ allow you to travel into the amazing depths of her mystical world. In addition, you will receive The 300 Feminine Precepts of Emergence from the Matrix, translated by Almine from the ancient records of Lemuria. These so-called "300 Still Emotions of Oneness" help the participant to release the bondage of mortal boundaries:

Six hundred precepts* of High Alchemy kept
Safeguarded for the uplifting of men
Like stairs that leave limitation behind
They shall change the DNA of humankind

When gods amongst humans walk unseen
The ancient records shall be revealed
Beyond limitation they again shall soar
When they remember who they were before

The Precepts of Emergence shall remind
That they were created long before humankind
The Original Ones the salvation shall be
In evolving the race of humanity

*The 600 precepts of High Alchemy mentioned above can be split into a masculine part and a feminine part. The masculine part comprises of the 300 Emotions of the Father Wheels given in the breathtaking Beyond Mortality course. In The Book of Gods and Men, the feminine counterpart in the form of the 300 Still Emotions of Oneness are given. These 300 Still Emotions are immensely powerful and insightful. Thus, every day only a few are given to give the participant the time to integrate them before the next day.

Table of Contents

Day 1: PDF - Introduction to the Precepts of Emergence, the Still Emotions of Oneness pt. 1 + 3 audios
Day 2: PDF - The Still Emotions of Oneness pt. 2 + 3 audios
Day 3: PDF - The Still Emotions of Oneness pt. 3 + 3 audios
Day 4: PDF - The Still Emotions of Oneness pt. 4 + 3 audios
Day 5: PDF - The Still Emotions of Oneness pt. 5 + 2 audios
Day 6: PDF - The Still Emotions of Oneness pt. 6 + 2 audios
Day 7: PDF - The Still Emotions of Oneness pt. 7 + 3 audios
Day 8: PDF - The Still Emotions of Oneness pt. 8 + 2 audios
Day 9: PDF - The Still Emotions of Oneness pt. 9, Rebirthing Beyond Mortality + 3 audios
Day 10: PDF - The Still Emotions of Oneness pt. 10 + 2 audios
Day 11: PDF - The Still Emotions of Oneness pt. 11 + 1 audio
Day 12: PDF - The Still Emotions of Oneness pt. 12 + 2 audios
Day 13: PDF - The Still Emotions of Oneness pt. 13 + 4 audios
Day 14: PDF - The Still Emotions of Oneness pt. 14 + 3 audios
Day 15: PDF - The Still Emotions of Oneness pt. 15 + 3 audios
Day 16: PDF - The Still Emotions of Oneness pt. 16 + 3 audios
Day 17: PDF - The Still Emotions of Oneness pt. 17, Awakening to Magic as Life + 3 audios
Day 18: PDF - The Still Emotions of Oneness pt. 18, Awakened Dreaming + 3 audios
Day 19: PDF - The Still Emotions of Oneness pt. 19 + 4 audios
Day 20a: PDF - The Still Emotions of Oneness pt. 20a, Accessing the Support System of Life, Third Awareness
Day 20b: PDF - The Still Emotions of Oneness pt. 20b, Restoring the Inner Child
Day 21: PDF - The Still Emotions of Oneness pt. 21, the Belvaspata of the Gods, Writing from the Parallel Universe + 2 audios
Day 22: PDF - The Still Emotions of Oneness pt. 22, Sigil of Inner Sanctum, Contended Rapture of Aware Experience + 3 audios
Day 23: PDF - The Still Emotions of Oneness pt. 23, 16 Realizations of Still Luminosity, Hormonal Excretions that Hold the Higher Bliss + 2 audios
Day 24: PDF - The Still Emotions of Oneness pt. 24, Two Forms of Light, Equation of Awareness + 3 audios
Closing: PDF - Manifesting a Life of Peace


Every day has an extra bonus "Walking with the Seer" file. See the first one here.

Examples of the 300 Still Emotions

Unhurried by the folly of expectation, life stirs in its mantle of timelessness. ~ Still Emotion 147, "Klavar-esetu"

What is magic but the conjured realization of the Self? The Self is all things; magic determines what you want to reveal. ~ Still Emotion 203, "Nechva-stuvavi"


"This course, The Book of Gods and Men, had a very powerful, positive, holistic effect upon me. It is most definitely not possible to do a cursory look/listen to the material. The material is profound, cell changing and needed 100% focus upon it. In fact, I spent MANY months digesting each day's material for a 24 day course. There were different parts of the brain or psyche, if you will, activated with each daily lesson. Masculine and feminine consciousness, left, right brain were activated through listening to Almine audios, viewing/experiencing and processing sigils, viewing/experiencing photos, viewing/experiencing art, and reading comprehension. This very multilevel intake of various expressions through various senses, spinned and elevated my entire consciousness through the cumulative infusion of the parts into my being. Ultimately after completing the daily lesson, there were no parts, all of my being felt enlightened. Also, the information was profound, and contemplation happened between lessons that expanded the initial transformative energy of the lesson, blending and building upon the energies of the next lesson very harmoniously. The material goes from the beginnings of creation to today, from cosmic geometries to cosmic personalities, from listening to wonderful insights to enjoying Almine's beautiful world in Oregon through art and photography. There were many cohesions happening in my consciousness as I moved through the series which I bought as a package after the original course was offered. I was, no doubt, a changed consciousness after the course was completed. (of course for the better!!!)"

~ Lee Ward

"I know Almine has heard it over and over and over again....BUT!.....the Book Of Gods And Men is The Bomb! I just completed my first read of it... still shaking am I..."

~ Soleil, Toronto, Canada

"The photos (in the bonus Walking with the Seer files) are powerful! When I look at them, I feel like I am in them and my body experiences the infinite peace, beauty, joy, power flowing through my being. Thank you Almine!"

~ Devapriya, Italy

"It is a great course with many insights. And a recognition in that what I always have known deep insite of me. Thank you Almine."

~ Annita, The Netherlands

"It is indeed a profound course… My first, and I have loved every minute..."

~ Jeannette Mariae, Denmark

"I am so grateful for this course and all of the insights since I have started taking Almine’s courses over the summer."

~ Vanessa, Ireland

About Almine's Online Courses

"The old courses help you to get rid of the thunderous voices of programming and show you the way out of the matrix." In this short audio Almine explains the value of her older online courses, how truth changes from moment to moment and getting assistance from the Infinite inside of the matrix. Very insightful!

Almine's online courses take shape as a result of her daily experiences. As she travels the mystical realms of within, the worlds without, accesses the sacred libraries of earth and converses with all kinds of different beings, deep secrets about creation and spiritual evolution are unveiled to her. The results are her courses and books. Every single one of them is jam-packed with mystical information, insights to change your life and invitations to step into a life of mastery by integrating the secrets revealed.

"I have been through several colleges and never did I imagine that any information could be so informative and used in such a practical way as the online courses that Almine has created. I have studied most all of them and they are part of my daily life."

~Michael P, California

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