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Ask Almine Anything 5 (MP3 Download)

Ask Almine Anything 5 (MP3 Download)


Yet More Thought-Provoking Answers to Student Questions

MP3, JPG download

Asking Almine question after question about everyday life and practical spirituality. A fantastic beginners course.

This online course consists of audio clips in the form of MP3 downloads, divided into 20 days worth of audios, along with jpgs, and a bonus audio.

Listen to this short example of a question asked during this course and Almine's answer:


Almine's popular course returns for its fifth installment. Right after the immensely popular Entering Godhood course, this fall of 2013 online course is a combination of questions asked by students to Almine and information coming through about the hugh cosmic shifts that are happening at this time. This combination makes the information timeless and we are sure this will become a popular course for years to come. Some of the many subjects Almine touches are: Sleeping like a God being, where do nightmares come from, mind at war with life, demons and the underworld, the Book of Revelation, the Mother and the Infinite, the Red Dragon, no longer learning through trauma, Jesus and much, much more.

Table of Contents

Day 1: Audio - The Awareness of Angels During Battle: 17:50 minutes
Day 2: Audio - Dealing With Black Hole Sleep: 14:29 minutes
Day 3: Audio - A Leaky Underworld: 13:22 minutes
Day 4: Audio - Does the Higher Self Orchestrate Life?: 12:32 minutes
Day 5: Audio - Practicing Open Ended Alchemy: 19:08 minutes
Day 6: Audio - Demons Out, Sacred Government In?: 14:40 minutes + jpg
Day 7: Audio - Days Out of Time: 21:24 minutes
Day 8: Audio - Which Wheels Can You Sleep Over?: 12:03 minutes
Day 9: Audio - Who Rules the Sun? 16:56 minutes
Day 10: Audio - Controlling Humanity through Glorifying Youth: 14:24 minutes
Day 11: Audio - Intervention from Source 1: 16:35 minutes
Day 12: Audio - Intervention from Source 2: 13:31 minutes
Day 13: Audio - Are the Mother and the Infinite the Same Thing?: 16:28 minutes
Day 14: Audio - Contacting the Underworld: 13:53 minutes
Day 15: Audio - Why We Chose Trauma: 16:10 minutes + jpg
Day 16: Audio - Developing from Religion to Atheism to Mastery: 17:49 minutes
Day 17: Audio - What Changed for Life to Go from 2D to 3D?: 20:01 minutes
Day 18: Audio - Breaking Through Family Behavioral Patterns: 16:42 minutes
Day 19: Audio - Alien Contact and the Gullibility of Mankind: 15:46 minutes
Day 20: Audio - People Who Feel They Are Jesus: 33:25 minutes

Bonus: Audios

  • US Government Shutdown and Secret Government Warfare (Zombies vs Vampires) : 44:04 minutes
  • Chant of Atonement: 33:39 minutes

Total playing time of Ask Almine Anything 5: 6:56 hours