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Arubafirina: The Book of Fairy Magic (PDF Download)

Arubafirina: The Book of Fairy Magic (PDF Download)


Plus: Secrets of the Hidden Kingdoms

Third Enlarged Edition

PDF download

Harnessing the Magic of Fairies and other hidden creatures. Discover how magical life truly is.

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During one, enchanting week in November 2006, millions of fairies, elves, dwarfs and other "fairy folk" returned to Earth from constellations throughout the Cosmos. This incredible book documents their arrival and the sacred gifts they brought to Earth. Its pages are filled with fairy magic: spells from Lyra, potions from Venus, and secrets from the Pleiades and Andromeda, never-before revealed to humanity. For the first time, Almine shares photographs that capture beings in higher dimensions; including fairies who gathered here to witness the miracles of this sacred week when stunning events marked the Earth's re-emergence in her full glory to take her rightful place in the Cosmos. Arubafirina is a book like no other. It was produced to herald the imminent removal of the veils between the realms. It is the first of a series of books by Almine, as beings from all the magical realms come forward to share their stories and their magic with mankind.

What will Arubafirina do for me?

Arubafirina will instill a sense of wonder and excitement about life and its magical possibilities. Throughout this book the reader will encounter many magical fairy spells, get deeper insights into working with magic and get acquainted with many unknown ethereal races.

How should I see Arubafirina in the the context of all of Almine's work?

The invitation by the fairies in 2006 came as a complete surprise to Almine. Most of her work until that time consisted of working with the Mother Goddess, the Toltec Way and delving into the depths of human spiritual evolution. Fairies were not something she had a lot of interest in prior to this. As such, this book is a bit of an odd one out in Almine's work. However, as with all of Almine's books, lectures and courses, it gives deep insight into the nature of reality and restores a sense of wonder and awe for the game of life that we play. For those who like to know more about interactions with the hidden kingdoms, Arubafirina is best read with Secrets of the Hidden Realms and The Gift of the Unicorns.

Arubafirina is also available in paperback.

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Published: 2011
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