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The Inner Senses  (Arcturian Art 7)

The Inner Senses (Arcturian Art 7)


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Arcturian Art by Almine - Piece 7

Belongs with Arcturian Transmission 7: The Inner Senses from Almine's Down the Rabbit Hole 4

The isolated mindset of man makes him feel separate and alone and on the opposite side of the many. His survival consciousness causes him to focus on the external world and deprives him of the most precious gift of awareness of his inner senses. He is almost unaware of the subtle inner ripples that tell him so much about his reality and how to interpret it.

The subtle messages are drowned out by the black, subliminal noise of the deep reservoirs of pain, anger, fear and hopelessness. The vehicle for anger is the body. The vehicle for fear is the soul, as the lower level of spirit is for pain, and the higher level is for hopelessness and protectiveness.These vehicles are mere perspectives, not who you are.

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