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The Mysteries of the Inner Space  (Arcturian Art 6)

The Mysteries of the Inner Space (Arcturian Art 6)


Arcturian Art by Almine - Piece 6

Belongs with Arcturian Transmission 6: The Mysteries of the Inner Space from Almine's Down the Rabbit Hole 4

The longing for home that is the core grief for many, comes from the masculine living with an external focus. Cut off from inner space, one is cut off from home. The ability to feel at home wherever you are requires communication and the embracing of the inner and outer space.

The outer senses, with the exception of the sense of smell, have all fallen into separation from their connection with their inner components. The omni-sensory perception man yearns for is only possible when the gifts of the inner senses are utilized.

The mind and heart interpret the environment intermittently. The inner senses interpret and respond to the unfolding intent of the Infinite continually. The separation of the inner and outer realities occurred because the masculine had problems with the feminine’s communication.

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