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Healing Negative Emotions (Arcturian Art 5)

Healing Negative Emotions (Arcturian Art 5)


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Arcturian Art by Almine - Piece 5

Belongs with Arcturian Transmission 5: Healing Negative Emotions from Almine's Down the Rabbit Hole 4

Hopelessness has arisen among humanity, where the few labor diligently, to ease the lot of the many. It seems that as you change the song of life by changing the song of yourself, that it is again undone.

Life is interconnected like a huge web. Unraveling one thread of it unravels all. The most profound cosmic changes must begin from the bottom of density. This means that the race of man has the opportunity to change the way life unfolds, more than any other race.

Each of you can help eliminate these fields of the ghosts of the past. They cannot be tackled directly - they have been accumulating too long.

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Resolution: 300 ppi (pixels per inch)