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Revealing the Truth (Arcturian Art 3)

Revealing the Truth (Arcturian Art 3)


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Arcturian Art by Almine - Piece 3

Belongs with Arcturian Transmission 3: The Quest for Truth from Almine's Down the Rabbit Hole 4

Man’s insatiable desire for finding truth obscures the fact that truth is unfolding experientially rather than being a static program: A set of specific guidelines imposed by the past onto the present.

As the understanding of the true meaning of truth was lost among humanity, they became not only the wings of flight into the unknowable, but also its anchor. The false sense of security that the known provides can cause humanity to cling to the ‘truths’ they discover, not realizing that truth is never static.

When the anchor of stagnation becomes more prevalent than the embracing of the unknowable, the smooth unfolding of self-exploration through experience becomes less graceful. Existence changes in a sporadic way through the traumatic experience of forced changes. Man has in his hands the ability to bring catastrophe down on the cosmos, or lift it above its possible impending trauma.

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