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Mastering Density (Arcturian Art 2)

Mastering Density (Arcturian Art 2)


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Arcturian Art by Almine - Piece 2

Belongs with Arcturian Transmission 2: Mastering Density from Almine's Down the Rabbit Hole 4

The gift of density is the ability to have multiple perspectives at once. To cultivate this, be both the observer and the observed during your actions. Allow yourselves to see life from the large picture, while examining the details. The further gift of density is the ability of man to experience the pleasures of the senses far more fully than any other race.

By allowing the rapture of the senses to thunder through your veins, you are able to effortlessly break open the prison bars of existing paradigms. Density is where all new insights can be gained. It is the place of answers. We have the questions.

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