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Answers for Lightworkers 1 (MP3 Download)

Answers for Lightworkers 1 (MP3 Download)


Becoming Heralds of Hope

20 day online course in MP3 downloads. Over 5:30 hours of deep metaphysics and practical spirituality with Almine

Listen to this audio of Almine as she addresses the main theme of this course:


Learn how to flourish in troubled times, how to become a grounding rod and how to work out trauma. Overcome inertia, meaning: alchemically leverage above the wrinkle of time, thereby defusing karmic and cataclysmic cycles. This course by Almine from the autumn of 2012 is a wake-up call to all lightworkers to step into higher forms of relationship, consciousness and conduct. From these audios you will learn what it means to become "a herald of hope" for all in your environment by living impeccably and from your highest truth. 20 audios with incredibly rich information as only Almine can deliver.

Although this course was specifically focussed on the period of late 2012 and its possible negative outcomes, its information and insights make it timeless in its use. An absolute gem among Almine's materials!

Also enjoy these little previews from the rest of the course:

Table of Contents

Day 1: Dragons, the Brain and the Selling of Our Soul - 17:24 minutes
Day 2: Evolved Sexuality and Holding on to Trauma - 20:51 minutes
Day 3: Deeper Insights into Masturbation - 22:53 minutes
Day 4: An Inclination to Violence and an Invasion of the Cosmos - 18:20 minutes
Day 5: Governments, Aliens, Genetics and Defining Evil - 22:22 minutes
Day 6: Who Contributes the Most? - 13:12 minutes
Day 7: Secrets of Grounding - 15:27 minutes
Day 8: Sacred Relationships and Different Forms of Orgasm - 13:48 minutes
Day 9: Abundant and Authentic Living - 13:36 minutes
Day 10: The Nature of Change and the Fears of Victimhood - 19:47 minutes
Day 11: What is the Cosmos? What Use is there for Language? - 9:59 minutes
Day 12: Believing in Nothing - 17:43 minutes
Day 13: Secrets of Poetry of Dreaming - 14:31 minutes
Day 14: What Are All These Hidden Libraries About? - 17:30 minutes
Day 15: There Is Nothing Masterful About Detachment of Life - 15:13 minutes
Day 16: Angels and Demons, Order and Chaos, Peace and Pain - 
14:57 minutes 
Day 17: A Wrinkle in Time - 16:52 minutes
Day 18: The Dead Spirit of Adventure - 18:33 minutes
Day 19: Why Are We on the Rim of the Disk of Life Anyway? - 15:58 minutes
Day 20: Homosexuality, Fantasy and Being Deprived - 
19:07 minutes

This course has a sequel in the form of Answers for Lightworkers 2 - Strength in Lightness


"Terrific Stuff! Captivating right from the outset!"

~ SERGE, Canada

"It's been quite a joyous adventure for me to see inklings of this 'higher' way of life come through in my life. I'm thrilled to hear Almine speak of the many specific areas where life is changing as she guides us through core, and practical, practices so we may anchor this higher way of life unto the planet. So exciting!!!"

~ Gian Cabuenos, Newport, Oregon

About Almine's Online Courses

"The old courses help you to get rid of the thunderous voices of programming and show you the way out of the matrix." In this short audio Almine explains the value of her older online courses, how truth changes from moment to moment and getting assistance from the Infinite inside of the matrix. Very insightful!

Almine's online courses take shape as a result of her daily experiences. As she travels the mystical realms of within, the worlds without, accesses the sacred libraries of earth and converses with all kinds of different beings, deep secrets about creation and spiritual evolution are unveiled to her. The results are her courses and books. Every single one of them is jam-packed with mystical information, insights to change your life and invitations to step into a life of mastery by integrating the secrets revealed.

"I have been through several colleges and never did I imagine that any information could be so informative and used in such a practical way as the online courses that Almine has created. I have studied most all of them and they are part of my daily life."

~ Michael P, California

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