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Silent Retreat

Greece June 2015

I can go so much deeper with my light family, if they let go of the questions and in Silence surrender themselves ~ Almine

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What is a Silent Retreat with Almine?

  • Almine working with your whole being in Silence
  • Meditations guided by the world renowned mystic
  • Daily hands-on blessings by Almine for all participants
  • Some of the oldest rocks of the world
  • A vacation with your light family
  • Tools such as light elixirs, sound elixirs, alchemical fragrances

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What is a Silent Retreat with Almine not?

By Niels niels@almine.net

A word of advice. If you are looking for a teacher of the known, someone who affirms your already held beliefs, Almine is certainly not that. 

Although participants often enter into deep bliss during her retreats, this is the result of hard inner work; the breaking down of the small self and the release of energy through the dissolving of blocks. It is most definitely not the 'warm and fuzzy' feeling of going around in circles of what you already know and feel comfortable in. If regurgitated information on archangels and purple flames is what you are looking for, there are more suitable teachers out there for that. If, on the other hand, you are serious about getting new insights into your being and the mystical nature of reality,  Almine will give your small self a run for its money!


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