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Shamanic Retreat FAQ

Why are the shamanic retreats for men or for women only?

Powerful energies arise during the shamanic retreat. Precluding a mixing of the sexes reduces the likelihood of participants attempting to find an 'outlet' for these energies in another.

I have heard that this event is a reunion of the previous classes; may I attend?

Yes. The shamanic retreat is driven by the longstanding students of Almine that desire to partake in this mind-bending experience - many return to ensure that 'the cosmic gang is all here', however it is always welcome and open for new participants!

Why do you ask $250 for food?

During this shamanic retreat the men or women attending will be assisting with kitchen duties in teams. The food will be prepared by our facilitator.

What about accommodations during the retreat, are they included in the cost of registration?

Students stay in Almine's home (or other nearby private accommodations) during this retreat. An email of names and contact information will be sent by the facilitator to all registered students in order to plan travel and share rides.

What can I expect?

If the previous retreats were any indication, you may expect relentless metaphysics, offset by deep shamanic practice. Above all, you can expect lots of fun, food and friendship.

How should I prepare?

As with all of Almine's retreats you can prepare best by living the Calendar of Oneness.

I have some questions, who do I talk to?

You can talk to the facilitator, Jan. Please contact her at jan@almine.net.

Note: Space is limited, register early!

Contact facilitator: Jan