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Global Earth Chants Ceremony

For Graceful Transitions in 2012

Summer Solstice 2012
June 21 (5pm PST) - June 24 (5pm PST)
(Thursday to Sunday)

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The 72 Hour Audio Broadcast of the Complete Chant of the Earth!

If you have purchased one or more Chants of the Earth, you are eligible to participate in this global online ceremony for $50.

Introducing: Dragon Magic

This global event will introduce the Sacred Fires of the Hadji-ka - The Magical Practices of the Dragons - read more here

Listen to the Chant of the Holy Marriage - the original 30 Chant sequence here

Read more about the Earth Chants here

Read the transmission from the Dragons about the Earth Chants - here

Register on SpiritualMastery.com

1440 Chants. 72 Hours.

There are 1440 Chants of the Earth, that together constitute the 72 hour, complete chant. The sale of these chants, individually or in blocks, will end when they have all been sold OR at noon on June the 21st, 2012 ­whichever comes first! If you wish to participate in this life-changing event, claim your Earth Chant(s) early.

Note: this is a 72 hour broadcast; it will NOT be available for download.

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