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Activation of the Power of the Zero Point: Creating as a God (Webinar Course)

Activation of the Power of the Zero Point: Creating as a God (Webinar Course)


Practical Webinar Course

Activation of the power of the Zero Point – Creating as a God

Basics of Creating in the Place of Absolute Omnipotence and Unlimited Creativity

Recordings of 3 webinars with exclusive information, techniques, and activations.

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Facilitator: Ella Yelinek (Spiritual Journeys, Mudrost Almine).

Live translation provided by Sergey Achkasov (Spiritual Journeys, Mudrost Almine).

Course participants will receive:

– live access to the webinars (duration of each webinar: 3-3,5 hours);
– full instructions (pdf);
– access to recordings of the webinars for study online at a time most convenient for you.

Course Description:

We often hear that we are Creators of our reality.

Conscious application of this process is possible through a deep connection to one’s true Aspect – one’s True Self.

Everything around us that we can see, touch, feel, be conscious of, taste, and breathe in, experiencing the whole spectrum of sensory input – all of that is the result of our Creation, the Creation of our True Self, expressing and manifesting through us.

Creation is the foundation of manifestation in harmony with Infinite Intent.

The more you separate yourself from Source, the stronger you are tied to the Matrix and are subject to its influence. In contraposing yourself to Source and sensing that your True Self is located somewhere in other dimensions or unreachable depths, you strengthen the underlying illusion of separation between yourself and your Godhood, which is the key to your Self.

Perhaps you forgot that this supposed “separation” is merely a game which you pulled yourself into? And sometimes it is enough to just firmly decide to stop playing the games of the matrix and direct your vision to the Higher reality of Godhood, and your old reality will gradually fall away. This is, in essence, the transition/transcendence, which many paths lead to. One of the paths is entering the state of Nothingness, of Emptiness, the Zero Point, and living from, contemplating, and consciously Creating from this state.

Basics of Creation:

Everything came from Nothing and returns to Nothing.

The Zero Point is the starting point of realizing yourself as emptiness – this is the place of absolute omnipotence and unlimited creativity.

The Zero Point is known under many different names: God, Consciousness, the Observer, the Quantum Field, the Source of Cosmic Life, the Infinite Ocean – it is the goal of all spiritual paths, prayers, and meditative practices.

Once you get to the place of absolute omnipotence and unlimited creativity, you become the conscious Creator of your reality, as you consciously connect with the Source of all existence.

“Creation is to go where we have not been before. We create events each step of the way in the moment we take the step. This is possible when you leave the bounds of linearity. You create your reality, consciously entering into an unknown, unchartered, abstract thought. This is what the Zero Point is – the Unknown.”


In the Zero Point state, any thought becomes reality, for in this moment you are God, who creates by thought.

In the Zero Point it is practically impossible to find the presence of energy. But this space is the infinite ocean of inexhaustible energy and the source of all existence. Here microparticles of life appear and disappear from the field of existence. And the Zero Point has its own consciousness, its own life, its own mind, and this is what we call God. In meditation – in our inner silence – we become closer and closer to the Zero Point, the more we slow the pace of our energy. In meditation we stop this world for a period of time, we relax in silent consciousness without thought. This brings us closer to the field of the Zero Point.” Almine

Being in this space of complete nothingness, absolute omnipotence and unlimited creativity strengthens the effect of any spiritual or healing practice, and the integration of material on a deep level.

Bonuses of Working with the Zero Point:

•Dissolving memories of the past - Karma

•Quieting the inner dialog of the mind

•“Rebooting,” growth and expansion of your Consciousness

•Uniting with your True Self

•Full interaction with the Divine Source

•Leaving the cycle of rebirth

•Obtaining clairgnosis (“clear knowing”)

•Obtaining power and freedom

•Manifesting with the power of the Source of all existence, in harmony with Infinite Intent

•Nullifying old realities and creating new ones

•Nullifying disease and manifesting health

•Strengthening the effect of any spiritual or healing practice

•And much more

Sphere of application:

Finances (business/career):

  • Nullification of all blocks and social programming regarding business, finances, abundance, etc.
  • Creation of a new vision of abundant life, business development, successful career, etc.


  • Dissolving conflicts, emotions, and negative feelings that occur while interacting with people.
  • Creation of harmonious relationships with those around us, with loved ones.


  • Nullification of the causes of disease.
  • Creation of health for your body.

Personal and Spiritual Development:

  • Nullification of obsolete agreements, spiritual contracts, obligations, fears, and blocks to success and self-knowledge.
  • Creation of a life in love, joy and harmony with Infinite Intent.


The more you work with the Zero Point state, the faster your Consciousness will develop and the faster you will gain access to the Infinite flow of energy, enhancing effective manifestation.

Practical Webinar Course Program:

  • The Zero Point: theory, peculiarities of our perception and worldview.
  • Tools that enhance the process of immersing in the state of Emptiness and becoming conscious of yourself as a God-being expressing in your body:
    • complete emptying and “rebooting” of your consciousness
    • consciousness of the present moment
    • being in timelessness, stopping the dialog of the mind
    • nullification of old and formation of new neuropathways
    • activation of the sensitivity and consciousness of the body/cells of the body; consciousness of your body as a reservoir of energy
    • switching your consciousness to the new source of zero point energy – the Infinite source of energy, stored in the body
    • new vision and creation of reality; activation of Divine Compassion
  • Dissolving the basic illusions of yourself as an opposite to the true and Divine source.
  • Group meditation-activation: “Entering the State of Complete Emptiness and Activating the Power of the Zero Point.”
  • Practicum with power wheels for creating a personal power sigil to fixate the state of being in the Zero Point.


"Dear Beloved Team Russia,
In considering your work and great gift to me, and the world, it makes me think of a verse from the Tao Te Ching. “When the Masters work is done the people say, amazing we did it, all by ourselves!”
Perceiving this then, it is quite apparent to me that great work which is now being done in me is not because of my mastery, but rather yours.
It is to TeamRussia which I owe a profound thank you. It is upon your shoulders which I find myself able to stand. It is because of your great strength of heart, devotion, and, excellence that you now find yourself so closely positioned to our beloved Almine. You have found yourself entrusted with her most sacred knowledge, and given the task of disseminating it the world.
Sense my participation in your ongoing webinar classes you have been a true bridge to Almine for me. And have given me access to her teachings and power which I normally would not have.
Time and again you bring all the world together in wondrous group alchemical equations that create such effective change in me that I can only pause in reverence.
All the world meets on your doorstep, and it is to you dear Russia, which we owe a profound THANK YOU.
I say again, Thank you…
…Thank you Ella, Sergey, and Ekaterina for the unspeakable blessing that you are in my life." With unspeakable Love, Praise, and Gratitude,

"A very useful technique for leaving duality – all of the scales fall away, revealing a clear, conscious vision of the essence of beingness. I feel my whole reality changing. Thank you for the Zero Point Meditation!" Natalia, Russia

"During the Zero Point Meditation, there is a distinct feeling that everywhere you end up in it is a familiar, just forgotten place, and you remember everything – it is these feelings that are real and natural for every corner of your consciousness and body.

Layers of memory are cleared – I completely forgot events that happened 3 years ago, although it is usually impossible for me to forget such things. Literally within a few hours the wound healed without leaving a trace behind. This is just a wonderfully familiar state of “home” that you want to stay in constantly and in which you feel your true self". Ella

"Thank you for organizing such pertinent webinars! In the Zero Point state, old programs are erased that held us firmly in the matrix, and the cleared space is filled with new principles of being. The energies during webinars are so strong that deep layers of memory are cleared. I thank you from my whole heart, Ella, for the opportunity to participate in this process of transformation! Natalia

Just amazing – the energies were unbelievably amazing and powerful! I feel every cell vibrating, my body is tingling :))) My whole body is humming, like it is about to take off! I love you and thank you from my whole heart!!!" Marina

"A huge THANK YOU for the webinar. Everything was so powerful. Just like at a retreat. I have never been able to go that deep at home before. Just super and super. Everything is opening up inside. Everything is made of gratitude )))" Elena

"Ella, I write you my testimonial about your webinars with sincere Love and Gratitude. Thanks to these practical sessions the material is very easy to learn, virtually without questions. All nuances are discussed, everything is explained in great detail, so the students have no problems practicing the techniques on their own – just listen and do, and sincerely thank your teacher for the work they put in. Dear Ella, I sincerely thank you for helping us all – huge thanks to you". With huge Love and Gratitude, Lena Ustinova

"Blessings to you all! I have wished to express in words the feelings of gratitude for the Rune and Untaintable Existence courses and the results in my being from the alchemy of all participating. I cannot find the words and I think you know what I mean. There are no words only immense changes within and growing praise, gratitude, trust, and Divine Compassion. I have come to a place also of great joy in living and unfolding revelations of self within the Infinite. I am also being brought into a deeper more joyous experience of practicing Belvaspata and the experience within of being a Grand Master. Ella, Sergey, Ekaterina, and all who work to bring these courses into reality thank you for this great blessing. Also, a humorous experience I had with Sergey's music - I purchased The Infinite album and couldn't figure out why I did not like the music. It was like many notes were missing. I knew it was something within me and asked to know what was " going on". Well I listened again to the Infinite song and all the music was there for me to hear - it was wonderful! I was afraid to experience the depth of release of emotions. Your music led me through a most joyous experience. I danced within and throughout the Universe!"

With great love for you all, Lynette

"My dear magical Ella! Thanks to YOU I have forgotten how to walk!!!))) Yes, now I only fly, and miracles follow me wherever I go – they just happen every step of the way. I LOVE and thank you! Describing everything would take too long, but sometimes it is hard even for me to believe that I am in Germany". Inessa Borga

"Dear Ella, yesterday I was in your webinar, Activation of the DNA Codes of Incorruptible White Magic. Today I feel so good – like I have finally come home, and all this time I had been lost. Even being initiated into the 2nd level of Belvaspata didn’t have this kind of effect for me. I had interesting dreams, telling me of future joyful changes. I went to bed at 4 am, got up at 8:30, and did not feel tired at all. Quite the contrary – I feel very rested. It seems to me that I am glowing. And just imagine – today I got my certificate for finishing my Life Coaching course. Walking down the street – maybe it just seemed this way – it is as if everyone looks at me and smiles. I am absolutely elated. Ella, you are so wonderful. Big thanks to you, I thank you". Marina

"Ella, huge thanks to you for the webinar, for the work you put in, for the state that has returned to me: just be and love infinitely. Words cannot express how much I am overflowing with praise, love and gratitude in trust. Please keep supporting us with your creative endeavors – they provide such a great impulse to want to live… Thank you and I love you infinitely))" Nadezhda

"Ella, thank you from my whole heart!!! Unbelievably amazing sensations! I still have pressure in my ears. The energies were so tangible! There were a few moments where it was difficult for me. I listened and was enchanted by your lightness, femininity and inner light, radiating with tenderness and love))))))))) Thank you once again, and I hope soon to feel at home in this magical current! With my whole heart, I wish you goodness, love, and joy!!!!!" With warm respect, Olga