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Embracing the Magical Properties of the Total Solar Eclipse

Embracing the Magical Properties of the Total Solar Eclipse


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Becoming a Holy Master of the White Light

A Webinar by the Seer Almine
On Sunday, August 20, 2017 @ 10 AM Pacific Daylight Time

The eclipse of Aug. 21 will be a total eclipse (when the sun will be black) and be at its most complete over Newport (where Almine lives) at 10:15 am. It'll start down in Mexico and work its way up to her home town...

As the media has announced:

The nation is gearing up for the first total solar eclipse to cross the country coast to coast in nearly 100 years. This August, the sun, the moon and planet Earth will all align to produce a celestial spectacle that has everyone talking. The Great American Eclipse will cross the U. S. on Monday, Aug. 21, and will begin in Oregon at 10:15 a.m. local time (1:15 p.m. EST). The eclipse's path of totality will cut a 60 mile wide arc across the country and end in South Carolina about an hour and a half later.

We asked Almine to explain the significance of it:

This webinar aims to help participants transcend the paradigm of a life of drudgery and hopelessness that is the result of survival consciousness. The total eclipse assists in removing the mind's belief that life has to be tragic. Our global gathering of our Lightfamily on this occasion is a declaration of our hearts that life can be Magic. This is the perfect time, when the Heavens assist us, to instill this higher awareness in the hearts of humankind. ~Almine

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