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Dissolving Density – Preparing the Body for the Reality of High Magic

Dissolving Density – Preparing the Body for the Reality of High Magic


International Practical Webinar Course

Dissolving Density – Preparing the Body for the Reality of High Magic

4 webinars in recordings with exclusive information from the Immortal Master Almine, practical techniques and activations 

Facilitator: Ella Yelinek (Spiritual Journeys, LLC USA, Mudrost Almine)

Live translation is provided by Sergey Achkasov (Spiritual Journeys LLC USA, Mudrost Almine) 

If you have any questions, please mail to: support@almine.ru 

We invite you to join us for the free international webinar-practicum:  “The Birth of the White Light”

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The access will be provided on https://www.spiritualmastery.com within 24 hours upon purchase.

Webinar participants will receive all necessary materials for practicing on their own.

This topic of these webinars has been recommended especially by Almine, in order to create a more solid foundation for the evolution of Consciousness, and to prepare the physical and etheric bodies of practitioners to create and transition into the Reality of High Magic – the Reality of Incorruptible White Light.


Stages of Evolution – Fullness of Experience

Over the course of many eons, we, as Highly Developed Beings embodied on the Earth, have found ourselves participating in a game called Life with Limitations. On the path of learning who we are as Individuated Beings, we gain experience going through Stages of Evolution: Duality, Oneness/Godhood, Resurrection, the Reality of High Magic…

The natural impulse toward development in any Individuated Being is to go beyond the boundaries of our limitations and attain complete freedom.

Skipping any step in our evolution creates a gap. Most likely, we will not be able to remain at a high level of development, and we will have to go back to collect the precious pearls of experience that form the foundation, as steps or stairs, giving us the support needed to easily step onto a new path for gaining new experience.

This process also occurs in nature, through birthing and forming fruit in a specific cycle. The caterpillar cannot immediately become a butterfly, just as a baby chick cannot emerge into the world before the time period allotted for the formation of its body has come to its fruition.

After reaching the level of Godhood, or in the beginning stages of the Resurrected Reality, many people want to go straight to the new level of High Magic that is now being expressed in the Cosmos. But not all are able to remain at this new level, as they have skipped certain aspects and realizations, and certain principles have not been integrated and actualized in life experience.

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The Resurrected Reality

The Resurrected Reality has 3 levels, which express specific processes in the consciousness of the Individual, and allow for the complete release of human drama, density, and memories of the past. Here the body is prepared for the Reality of High Magic. Also, one of the important factors at this stage is the formation of new neuropathways, which affect the process of Creating the future reality. This gives a deeper awareness of the processes that take place in the Reality of High Magic, and forms pillars which uphold the temple of Resurrected life, which, in turn, provides the necessary foundation for transitioning to this new level of the Evolution of Consciousness.

The Birth of the White Light

Life consists of white light. White light is known information. But it has to give way to another kind of light that has its magic qualities activated. The new form of White Light is a fluid field of light – a new kind of constantly changing awareness.

In order for a Resurrected Being to become a carrier of the White Light, constant changes need to happen in the physical body. The components of violet, golden and magenta create white light. The qualities of the White Light are constantly changing in correspondence to the input of new information received every moment. The components of the White Light – violet, golden and magenta – are constantly changing. If the body, as Incorruptible Resurrected Matter, does not change with them, then it will not be able to process the information, which will cause severe pain in the body. Almine

What do we need to do to make the White Light reprogram our bodies, so that they feel comfortable in their new role as the holder of the White Light? This happens automatically. For this, we need to integrate the Equations of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level of Resurrection, which generate the Magenta Light, Violet Light, and Golden Light. Together they generate the White Light. Almine

This new form of the White Light plays a key role in the next stage of Evolution of our Consciousness, which comes after the Resurrected Reality. This is the Reality of High Magic – the Reality of Incorruptible White Light.

Stage 1: Dissolving Density – Magenta Light

In 1st level Resurrection, the Individuated being releases density in inner and outer space by integrating the 288 Principles of the Alchemical Equation and uniting the inner masculine and inner feminine, the result of which births the alchemical potency of the Magenta Light, which provides a constant cleansing from density in our lives and environment.

The more density we have within, the more it manifests without, and the more effort it takes to overcome it on our life path. As a result, all life seems to be a struggle to overcome resistance, and manifestation is ineffective.

If we are able to reduce the amount of density within, then it is much easier for us to move through the outer density, and we see how much faster our dreams become reality.

Releasing density is a very important step in the preparation of our physical and etheric bodies for the Reality of High Magic, in order to receive and interpret information effortlessly, rather than with excruciating pain in the body.

As a result of dissolving density, a huge amount of energy and resources are released, and consequently, we have more power and possibilities for a graceful life in joy and abundance.

Bonuses and Advantages of Practicing the Techniques Given in these Webinars

  • Activate the ability to see through illusion in your environment, to see the true essence of things and to clearly see your path for gaining experience
  • Cleanse and dissolve density in your inner and outer realities
  • Cleanse and dissolve density, stagnation and blockages in the body, enhancing speedier healing
  • Dissolve stagnation in situations, enhancing resolution of unsolved issues
  • Increase free energy and resources for manifesting intent and gracefully attaining experience in life
  • Prepare the body to adapt to a new evolutional path of development
  • Release defense mechanisms, anger, value judgments
  • Stop resisting life
  • Create the pillars that uphold the reality of Resurrecting Beings
  • Perpetually generate the Magenta Light
  • Strengthen the generation of the White Light
  • Dissolve and be protected against shadow beings
  • Create beneficial outcomes and speed the manifestation of your intent in all areas of your life: finances (business/career), relationships, health, personal and spiritual development
  • And much more

Program of the Practical Webinar Course

  • Density in all its variations
  • Deep integration of the 288 Principles, and Activation, using 144 sigils and 144 Power Wheels, of the Alchemical Equation to Generate the Magenta Light: The Sacred Union of Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine and the Birth of the Magenta Light, which provides constant cleansing in us
  • Digesting density – Activating the Higher function of the stomach
  • Practice for cleansing/dissolving density in the body, our inner reality, and in our environment
  • Practice for directing released energy into manifestation


"Ella & Sergey are doing an excellent job at presenting Almine's material in their webinars! Not only are they providing an excellent way of incorporating the material but they also add in their love and light energies. Doing these webinars, in a group setting with them, is amazing! It brings in more probabilities of the highest outcomes, as well as multiplying the effects more than doing the webinars alone would have. I recommend their webinars! If you are ready to go into the White Light Reality then I highly recommend the Principles of High Magic Webinar!" 

With love, praise and gratitude for all you do Ella & Sergey,

Tina (Oregon, USA)

"I wanted to express my gratitude and thanks… I have such profound gratitude to Almine for what she is doing, and what she is offering to be a part of right now.

With certainty, the MerKaBa of Resurrection was successfully activated in my life. Truly, I am in continual awe of these ongoing webinars. I have never experience such exuberant, abundant, energy flow – or a feeling and sense of such utter protection and security.

This is a gift of Unfathomable worth. You have freely given us the key to the reality of the Immaculate White Light! Inestimable and Wondrous!!! Overflowing gratitude!!!

Thank you, Almine, Ella, Sergey, Ekaterina, Angels, and all the participants who helped create this amazing alchemy!"

ALL My love, Derek

"I don’t normally write about the course I take with you, but I must tell you about a recent experience. I am currently enrolled in the Merkaba of Resurrection and I have been practicing. For a couple of days I have been experiencing severe tendinitis on my right hand and becoming more painful every hour. I did my practice of igniting the Resurrection Merkaba because that’s our instruction before the next class. So, when it was fully activated I decided to visualize my hand as perfect without pain in the white light. After about five minutes It went from extremely painful to "good as new". Its been about eight hours now without any pain. Now I have a glimpse of the regeneration that’s possible".

Thank you, Greg

"This was such a deep deep awakening from the dream!! Such a magnificent webinar! I felt and saw such a deep deep peaceful state of being, at one with the Infinite. Something I only felt in the presence of Almine before. So much gratitude for all that you facilitate for us Ella! I could also feel this Infinite energy squirting into my physical body-field. Like black liquid spilling in to my body through the heart. This happened several times during the webinar. My heart has cleared, really a lot and the upgrade is complete now. I have a newly upgraded heart now.

I can see that my adrenal gland has healed so much more since the webinar. Also, both my old mom and dad are feeling much better now. I can see it in their faces and also they are jumping around the house. This is really a big change because, usually they just sit in their chairs and don't move around much.

The very strong spinal activation started for me, the night before the webinar. The energy surging through my spine and body in bed, was sooooo powerful that I could not even move my body for hours and hours!! I was able to get up in the morning.

During the webinar this "fire" along the spine was active again and the purple flame appeared on top of the head...!

My body cooled down after a few hours. There is still a lot of warmth in the body and I sleep with the window slightly open. ;)

Looking forward to these new abilities coming to expression. I can already hear more than usual and see lots of lights in my environment. My heart feels so much lighter!"

So much love, Dhani

"Wonderful activations Ella. Thank you!

Always appreciate your presence Sergey. :)

As a direct result of these webinars, with Almine's presence and the amazing group alchemy, many changes are occurring in my life!

I am mostly transforming and maintaining the lack of tension = timelessness, in my body. At times, I feel some tension in my neck and there are some explosions of light in my head. I can dissolve the tension easily by shifting my consciousness to the unknowable and of course, this also then integrates the new energies in my body easily:)

My body feels weightless and I don't eat regularly. Losing the excess weight very fast now and feeling very strong and grounded in my body. The Secret of the Desert oil has been very helpful for this.

The extra senses are very powerfully active and I am integrating new abilities easily. I still sleep, quite a bit sometimes, when the body changes are intense. Some nights are very wakeful and I am still in bed and resting.

Many changes are occurring in life also. The white light is instructing me and helping me integrate and completely blend with the Infinite intent and will. Almine's presence is very strong.

Many magical things are happening at work. I work with refugees from Syria and Africa and Sri Lanka. The nature of my work is very complex at times and often requires a change of plans. For me, it is as if I know exactly what will happen and am prepared ahead of time, miraculously! My boss has noticed this and is requesting my presence at events more often:)

I feel strongly grounded in an inner sense of peace. This is helped much by Almine's light elixirs of inner space (Messages for Lightworkers).

Also, my mother, father and sister are doing well. They only experienced some mild illnesses this winter. Usually they go through prolonged periods of sickness. My sister travelled to Sri Lanka and did not get sick at all this time!! This is a very big miracle indeed! :)"

Much love,

Unknowable - Dhani

"Ella, that was totally awesome!!! Thank you so much Sergey!!
I have never felt the presence of the Angel Gods so clearly before! I can feel them as I call upon them now, at any time. I am working with the power wheels and especially the one for Combining Inner and Outer space. :) The Angel Gods are very helpful and I can feel their presence so clearly as I call upon them. :)
Thank you so much for your guidance in reaching the presence of the Angel Gods and for our collective group alchemy. It is soooooo much more powerful than performing these practices by myself! I highly recommend this course, Magic of the Gods, to everyone. Connecting with these powerful Angel Gods in this way, has enabled me to feel their presence, much more clearly, in everyday life and with the use of all other power wheels and ceremonies. So grateful to Ella, for this great service she has rendered for all of us".
Big hugs and kisses,

"In fact, I have practiced alone different programs the past two years; I have never ever had a chance to participate physically in any programs before Almine's health issues. Since I started with these webinars courses in addition to the timemaps, the practice on the book "Bridge of No Time", I have felt significant progress on my journey." Joel

"Dear Beloved Team Russia,
In considering your work and great gift to me, and the world, it makes me think of a verse from the Tao Te Ching. “When the Masters work is done the people say, amazing we did it, all by ourselves!”
Perceiving this then, it is quite apparent to me that great work which is now being done in me is not because of my mastery, but rather yours.
It is to TeamRussia which I owe a profound thank you. It is upon your shoulders which I find myself able to stand. It is because of your great strength of heart, devotion, and, excellence that you now find yourself so closely positioned to our beloved Almine. You have found yourself entrusted with her most sacred knowledge, and given the task of disseminating it the world.
Sense my participation in your ongoing webinar classes you have been a true bridge to Almine for me. And have given me access to her teachings and power which I normally would not have.
Time and again you bring all the world together in wondrous group alchemical equations that create such effective change in me that I can only pause in reverence.
All the world meets on your doorstep, and it is to you dear Russia, which we owe a profound THANK YOU.
I say again, Thank you…
…Thank you Ella, Sergey, and Ekaterina for the unspeakable blessing that you are in my life." With unspeakable Love, Praise, and Gratitude,

"I just wanted to comment on how I feel when I am participating with the Russian Almine Team on a webinar. I have for many many years participated in numerous courses, too numerous to mention, and I have to say that I have never experienced such deep love and compassion, sincerity and heart-felt gratitude from those who are teaching the course as I do with Almine Russia. The beautiful music of heart felt love that Ella and Sergey emanate from their Infinite Selves is beyond words". Patty

"Blessings to you all! I have wished to express in words the feelings of gratitude for the Rune and Untaintable Existence courses and the results in my being from the alchemy of all participating. I cannot find the words and I think you know what I mean. There are no words only immense changes within and growing praise, gratitude, trust, and Divine Compassion. I have come to a place also of great joy in living and unfolding revelations of self within the Infinite. I am also being brought into a deeper more joyous experience of practicing Belvaspata and the experience within of being a Grand Master. Ella, Sergey, Ekaterina, and all who work to bring these courses into reality thank you for this great blessing. Also, a humorous experience I had with Sergey's music - I purchased The Infinite album and couldn't figure out why I did not like the music. It was like many notes were missing. I knew it was something within me and asked to know what was "going on". Well I listened again to the Infinite song and all the music was there for me to hear - it was wonderful! I was afraid to experience the depth of release of emotions. Your music led me through a most joyous experience. I danced within and throughout the Universe!"

With great love for you all, Lynette

"Just want to let you know what a tremendous joy it was to be part of Part 1 of the Webinar series Zero Point. I just love the synergy and profoundness. This is truly powerful and I feel altered already". Laura

"I feel like telling you about my experiences after the first part of the VIP practicum God Merkaba webinar.When my field of hope was established, the pyramids rotating. I felt somehow complete, "like it should be" I remember, my cells know this state of being :) A very deep feeling of "wanting to fly" came over me. The sensation was very touching, somewhere between hurting and bliss.. I'm deeply grateful for all the gifts and blessings I'm encountering in my life just now. You are great! And Almine is miraculous indeed".Irene

"Just amazing – the energies were unbelievably amazing and powerful! I feel every cell vibrating, my body is tingling :))) My whole body is humming, like it is about to take off! I love you and thank you from my whole heart!!!" Marina

"A huge THANK YOU for the webinar. Everything was so powerful. Just like at a retreat. I have never been able to go that deep at home before. Just super and super. Everything is opening up inside. Everything is made of gratitude )))" Elena

"Ella, I write you my testimonial about your webinars with sincere Love and Gratitude. Thanks to these practical sessions the material is very easy to learn, virtually without questions. All nuances are discussed, everything is explained in great detail, so the students have no problems practicing the techniques on their own – just listen and do, and sincerely thank your teacher for the work they put in. Dear Ella, I sincerely thank you for helping us all – huge thanks to you". With huge Love and Gratitude, Lena Ustinova